Finding Aid of the Century Film Productions Motion Picture Films Collection, circa 1950-1981, MPF.122


Finding Aid of the Century Film Productions Motion Picture Films Collection, circa 1950-1981, MPF.122

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Century Film Productions Motion Picture Films Collection
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Century Film Productions
circa 1950-1981
408.00 items

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[Identification of item], MPF.122, Century Film Productions Motion Picture Films Collection, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC, USA.

Collection Overview

The Century Film Productions catalog spans from the late 1950s through the early 1980s, and including completed films, production elements, and outtakes - all but two in 16mm format - numbers over 200 items. A few highlights include sponsored films for Carolina Power & Light, Occoneechee Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the North Carolina Department of Transportation with R.J. Reynolds, the U.S. Navy, and the North Carolina Police Information Network; a North Carolina State University football game; commercials for Mt. Olive Pickles and Record Bar; short films and television spots for the political ad campaigns of state governors Dan K. Moore, Terry Sanford, and Robert W. Scott, United States Representative Jim Gardner, and others. There are also important events in North Carolina history that are captured on film such as a Ku Klux Klan march from circa 1965, the Pullen Hall fire at North Carolina State University in 1965, the inauguration of James E. Holshouser, Jr., and more.

Arrangement Note

The Century Film Productions Film Collection is arranged in nine series. Series 1-5 contain numerous film materials related to campaigns of various prominent North Carolina political figures: Hargrove "Skipper" Bowles, Jr.; United States Representative James Carson "Jim" Gardner; Governor Dan K. Moore; Governor Terry Sanford; and Governor Robert W. Scott. Series 6-8 contain film elements, and in some cases final prints, for three short-form works: ; ; . Series 9 contains a variety of unique films, a majority being raw footage, but also completed works including commercials, sponsored films, and campaign material pertaining to prominent North Carolina politicians which did not number enough to warrant a dedicated series: United States Senator B. Everett Jordan; Governor Luther Hodges; Kidd Brewer; Representative Hoyt Patrick "Pat" Taylor, Jr.; Representative James Collins "Jimmy" Green; Governor James E. Holshouser, Jr.; Governor James Baxter "Jim" Hunt, Jr.; and Thomas E. "Tom" Strickland. Other public figures in the series include U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson; Edgar Cayce; Jim McKay; and Perry Como.

Upon creation of the finding aid, each item was numbered with a collection number, series number, and item number.

Not all of the films in this collection are completed works, and thus may be described as follows: (length of film--often white--on a reel preceding the credits or other imagery, which contains valuable hand-written information by the filmmakers or others); (a work in progress, or mock-up of the final film); (in this context, a catch-all term for film elements that may or may have not made it into a finished film); (the soundtrack may be missing or listed separately); or (the soundtrack is located on the same piece of film as the image); various film elements such as or are listed out separately under the title to which they relate.

Titles are taken directly from the film cans, credit sequences when present, or from notes written on the film leader, while words in brackets are added by the author for further clarification. Titles wholly in brackets are created by the author.

Due to the uniqueness of each film, they were not subjected to projection. All descriptions are based on the films' images only, even when sound is present.

Biographical/Historical note

Century Film Productions (AKA Century Studios; Century Films) was a Raleigh-based film studio owned and operated by O.B. (Ollie), along with his first wife Corinne, and later with his second wife Lynn. Prior to establishing Century Films in 1957, O.B. also owned a photography studio called Star Photo in Washington State. While also a cameraman for WNAO and WRAL-TV, O.B. was the cinematographer for Century, enlisting during the 1970s and '80s Lynn in a variety of roles from set designer to director, editing and sound to production assistant. Many of the completed films, and some of the elements, contain the Century Films Studios logo or one or both of the Garrises listed in the credits. In other cases, proof of ownership or their contribution comes from the film containers.

O.B. Garris employed local talent - including family members - as actors in fictional roles or playing themselves. He also worked on a handful of feature-length films shot in North Carolina including Somebody Moved My Mountain (1975) and Duncan's World (1978). Garris was a military veteran, and died in 1997.

Contents of the Collection

1. Series 1: Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Hargrove "Skipper" Bowles, Jr.,c.1966-1968

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Hargrove "Skipper" Bowles, Jr. series contains mainly footage from Skipper Bowles' headquarters on the night of the May 6, 1972, as he wins the North Carolina Democratic gubernatorial primary election.

Skipper Bowles in New Bern., c.1972
Item MPF.122.1.1
[Skipper Bowles primary campaign event.], 1972
Item MPF.122.1.2
Bowles [primary election night]., 1972
Item MPF.122.1.3
Skipper Bowles., 1972
Item MPF.122.1.4

2. Series 2: Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including United States Representative James Carson "Jim" Gardner,c.1966-1968

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including United States Representative James Carson "Jim" Gardner series contains raw footage of Gardner at live campaign events for his congressional and gubernatorial bids.

Jim Gardner., c.1966
Item MPF.122.2.1
[Jim] Gardner - winner speech., c.1966
Item MPF.122.2.2
[Jim Gardner on phone/at WRAL microphone.], c.1966
Item MPF.122.2.3
Gardner/tobacco., c.1966
Item MPF.122.2.4-5
[Jim] Gardner [at campaign event.], c.1968
Item MPF.122.2.6
[Jim] Gardner/Dunn [NC]., c.1968
Item MPF.122.2.7
[Jim] Gardner tour., c.1966-1968
Item MPF.122.2.8
[Jim] Gardner tour., c.1968
Item MPF.122.2.9

3. Series 3: Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Governor Dan K. Moore,c.1965

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Governor Dan K. Moore series contains raw footage of Moore at live campaign events, in the hospital, and advertisements.

[Dan K.] Moore statement., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.2
[Governor Dan K. Moore for United Fund], ca.1965
Item MPF.122.3.3
[Dan K.] Moore in mountains/Asheville., c.1964
Item MPF.122.3.4
[Dan K.] Moore to Atlantic City., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.5
[Dan K. Moore rally downtown Raleigh.], c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.8
[Dan Moore's] first press conference., 1965
Item MPF.122.3.1
[Dan K.] Moore extra., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.6
[Dan K. Moore speech at desk.], c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.9
Dan K. Moore ribbon cutting., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.11
[Dan K.] Moore in mountains., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.12
[Dan K.] Moore in hospital., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.13
Moore negative/two 30 sec. spots (edited)., c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.14
[Dan K. Moore -- talking head.], c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.10
[Dan K. Moore -- talking head.], c.1965
Item MPF.122.3.7

4. Series 7: Century Film Productions <emph render="doublequote">People against Poverty.</emph>,c.1977-1978

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions series contains elements and one workprint used in the final print of the film. The collection does not contain a copy of the completed work, but it appears to be a promotional film about the activities of Wake County Opportunities, Inc.

People against Poverty, A-Roll and B-Roll., c.1977-1978
Item MPF.122.7.4-5
People against Poverty., c.1977-1978
Item MPF.122.7.1-3
[ <emph render="doublequote">People against Poverty</emph> negative soundtrack.], c.1977-1978
Item MPF.122.7.6
[ <emph render="doublequote">People against Poverty</emph> narration.], c.1977-1978
Item MPF.122.7.7-10
[ <emph render="doublequote">People against Poverty</emph>/"Bob Spencer".], c.1977-1978
Item MPF.122.7.11

5. Series 4: Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Governor Terry Sanford,c.1960

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Governor Terry Sanford series contains mainly outtakes and short films featuring Sanford speaking live or to the camera.

[Terry] Sanford interview exclusive., c.1960
Item MPF.122.4.1
[Terry] Sanford., c.1960
Item MPF.122.4.2
[Terry Sanford promoting Heart Fund], 1963
Item MPF.122.4.3
[Terry] Sanford., c.1960
Item MPF.122.4.4
[Raleigh Mayor Jim Reid Narrates Film about United Fund], c.1963-1965
Item MPF.122.4.5
[Terry] Sanford., c.1960
Item MPF.122.4.6
[Terry] Sanford Christmas greeting., c.1961-1965
Item MPF.122.4.7
[Terry Sanford Christmas greeting outtakes.], c.1960
Item MPF.122.4.8
[Unidentified man speaking to reporter/Terry Sanford.], c.1960
Item MPF.122.4.9

6. Series 5: Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Governor Robert W. Scott,c.1960-1980

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions Motion Pictures Including Governor Robert W. Scott series contains raw footage or completed campaign advertisements promoting Scott's run for lieutenant governor and governor.

Scott for Lieutenant Governor commercial., c.1964
Item MPF.122.5.1
[Bob Scott for Lieutenant Governor advertisements.], c.1964
Item MPF.122.5.2
[Bob Scott for Lieutenant Governor additional negative.], c.1964
Item MPF.122.5.3
Scott [for Progress]., c.1964
Item MPF.122.5.4
[Bob Scott] announcement at Haw River., 1979
Item MPF.122.5.5
Bob Scott [speech]., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.6
[Bob] Scott., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.7
[Rothstein/Buckley advertisement for Bob Scott for governor.], 1980
Item MPF.122.5.8
[Bob]Scott/Century Film Productions/Durham., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.9
[Bob] Scott., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.10
Scott testimonials., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.11-15
[Bob] Scott/Haw River., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.16-17
[Bob] Scott., 1980
Item MPF.122.5.18
Robert Scott [speech]., c.1980
Item MPF.122.5.19-20

7. Series 6: Century Film Productions <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph>,c.1972-1974

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions series contains raw film and soundtrack elements, workprints, and final prints of the short promotional film about the annual state fair in Raleigh, North Carolina. The film includes brief highlights from years past, but mainly follows one family throughout their day at the fair. Several of these film elements received conservation treatments and were copied as part of a 2014 National Film Preservation Foundation Grant, which resulted in the creation of a preservation mag track, a preservation color internegative, a preservation positive optical track, a preservation negative optical track, and a New Answer Print.

<emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair.</emph>, c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.1
<emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> [workprint and outtakes]., c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.2-3
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> outtakes 1/4.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.4
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> elements.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.4-5
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> A Roll and B Roll.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.6-7
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> workprint.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.8
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> outtakes 4/4.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.9
<emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> mix elements., c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.10-11
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph>] A-Narration., c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.12
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> narration.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.13
Rufus [ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> element.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.14
[ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina State Fair</emph> outtakes 3/4.], c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.15
Farm News., c.1972-1974
Item MPF.122.6.16
North Carolina State Fair, 1972-1974
North Carolina State Fair, 1972-1974
MPF.122.6.1, COPY 2
North Carolina State Fair, 1972-1974
MPF.122.6.1, COPY 3
North Carolina State Fair [B-roll], 1972-1974

8. Series 8: Century Film Productions <emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph>,1981

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions series contains elements and workprints used in producing the final film. No final release print exists in the collection.

<emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> [workprint]., 1981
Item MPF.122.8.1
<emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> [negative and soundtrack elements]., c.1984
Item MPF.122.8.2-3
<emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> [advertising spots elements]., 1981
Item MPF.122.8.4-11
[ <emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> outtakes.], 1981
Item MPF.122.8.12-13
[ <emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> positive elements.], 1981
Item MPF.122.8.14-23
[ <emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> negative elements.], 1981
Item MPF.122.8.24-28
[ <emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> negative soundtrack.], 1981
Item MPF.122.8.30
[ <emph render="doublequote">Share the Ride</emph> optical and magnetic soundtracks.], 1981
Item MPF.122.8.31-32
Share the Ride [complete final print], 1981

9. Series 9: Century Film Productions Individual Works,c.1950s-1981

Scope and Contents note:

The Century Film Productions Individual Works series contains raw footage primarily, but also some completed works. Content includes commercials and sponsored films, campaign films, and a student film. The series is arranged in chronological order by year, grouping together those identified only by decade (e.g. 1960s) before beginning the next.

[B. Everett]Jordan/[Governor's] office., c.1950s-1960s
Item MPF.122.9.2
<emph render="doublequote">Democrats Are for You.</emph>, c.1965
Item MPF.122.9.9
Fashion show/McJoseph's/WNAO-TV/First live show on fashion., 1957
Item MPF.122.9.1
[Governor] Luther Hodges., c.1950s
Item MPF.122.9.3
<emph render="doublequote">Camp Durant, Your Gateway to Adventure</emph> [workprint]., c.1960
Item MPF.122.9.4
<emph render="doublequote">Camp Durant, Your Gateway to Adventure</emph> [outtakes]., c.1960
Item MPF.122.9.5-6
[Kidd Brewer for governor campaign advertisement.], c.1964
Item MPF.122.9.7
Pullen Hall fire., 1965
Item MPF.122.9.8
CP&L [Carolina Power & Light] advertisements., c.1966
Item MPF.122.9.10
[Navy master outtakes.], 1974
Item MPF.122.9.42
CP&L [Carolina Power & Light] Roxboro., c.1966
Item MPF.122.9.11
CP&L [Carolina Power & Light] Roxboro plan., c.1966
Item MPF.122.9.12
KKK [Ku Klux Klan] meeting and shots with telephoto lens 05/12/66., 1966
Item MPF.122.9.13
College film., c.1968
Item MPF.122.9.14
Jim McKay Duke golf [commercial]., 1975
Item MPF.122.9.49
"Pat" [Hoyt Patrick] Taylor, Jr., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.17-18
["Pat" Taylor]/Carolina Nitrogen Corporation., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.19
[Downtown Winston-Salem.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.20
[Industry.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.21
LBJ [Lyndon Baines Johnson] campaigning in Dixie with [Sanford?]., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.22
Lumberton Bank., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.23
[Ted Powers footage on WRAL], c.1950s
Item MPF.122.9.24
[Mt. Olive Pickles sponsored film.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.25
[Mt. Olive Pickles advertisements.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.26-28
New industrial building., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.29
N&S [Norfolk Southern] Rail bridge., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.30-31
[Rodeo.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.32
[Rural Electricity cartoon.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.33
Wolfpack Football 1967., 1967
Item MPF.122.9.15-16
Silent Nite [workprint]., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.34
B/W prison outtakes [from Silent Nite]., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.35
Southport dedication., c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.36
Jim McKay commercials [1 & 2]., 1975
Item MPF.122.9.47-48
[United Way promo.], c.1960s
Item MPF.122.9.37
[Perry Como/Duke's Children's Classic] commercial #1., 1975
Item MPF.122.9.50-52
[James E. Holshouser, Jr.] inauguration., 1973
Item MPF.122.9.38
A Time for Seeking, c.1975
Item MPF.122.9.39
[Perry Como/Duke's Children's Classic] commercial #2., 1975
Item MPF.122.9.53-55
CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] - Sunrise., 1974
Item MPF.122.9.40
CIA [Central Intelligence Agency.], 1974
Item MPF.122.9.41
[Navy ship interiors.], 1974
Item MPF.122.9.43
Navy Second Master and Navy exchange retail store., 1974
Item MPF.122.9.44-45
[Navy exchange retail store outtakes.], 1974
Item MPF.122.9.46
<emph render="doublequote">North Carolina Police Information Network. </emph>, 1975
Item MPF.122.9.56-57
PIN [ <emph render="doublequote">North Carolina Police Information Network.</emph>] negative and music/narration soundtrack., 1975
Item MPF.122.9.58-59, 88, 89, 90
Rain maker., 1975
Item MPF.122.9.60
[Rustic cabin conversation elements.], 1975
Item MPF.122.9.61-63
[James Collins "Jimmy"] Green., c.1976
Item MPF.122.9.64
[James Collins "Jimmy"] Green campaign., c.1976
Item MPF.122.9.65
[Jimmy Green for governor rally.], c.1976
Item MPF.122.9.66
{Jim Hunt [James Baxter Hunt, Jr.] announcing his bid for Lieutenant Governor}, 1971
Item MPF.122.9.67
Fieldcress [Mills]., 1977
Item MPF.122.9.68-71
RTP [Research Triangle Park] original., c.1978
Item MPF.122.9.69
Forestry., c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.70
[Park ranger film.], c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.71
[Record Bar advertisements.], c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.72-74
Red Ox [Tavern]., c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.75
Tom [Thomas E.] Strickland Documentary., c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.76
<emph render="doublequote">Wellman-Lord/Allied chemical flue gas desulfurization.</emph>, c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.77
<emph render="doublequote">Wellman-Lord/Allied chemical flue gas desulfurization</emph> [elements]., c.1970s
Item MPF.122.9.78-82
FDA [Food and Drug Administration] soundtrack., c.1980
Item MPF.122.9.83
Westinghouse film [elements]., 1981
Item MPF.122.9.84-86
#1 Holsum Bread [audio element only]., n.d.
Item MPF.122.9.87

10. Series 10: US Navy Films

Sailor With A Future, 1968
OCS [Officers Candidate School], 1971

11. Series 11: Smoggy Mean Giant, 1973

Smoggy Mean Giant [Unfinished film], 1973

12. Series 12: A Touch of Happiness, c.1971

A Touch of Happiness, c.1971

Subject Headings

  • Bowles, Skipper
  • Brewer, Kidd
  • Cayce, Edgar, 1877-1945
  • Como, Perry, 1912-2001
  • Gardner, James Carson, 1933-
  • Green, James C. (James Collins), 1921-2000
  • Hodges, Luther Hartwell, 1898-1974
  • Holshouser, Jim, 1934-2013
  • Hunt, James B., 1937-
  • Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973
  • Jordan, B. Everett (Benjamin Everett)
  • McKay, Jim
  • Moore, Daniel Killian, 1906-1986
  • Sanford, Terry, 1917-1998
  • Scott, Robert Walter, 1929-2009
  • Taylor, H. Patrick (Hoyt Patrick), 1924-
  • Association for Research and Enlightenment
  • Boy Scouts
  • Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
  • North Carolina State Fair
  • North Carolina State University
  • United States. Navy
  • Campaign speeches
  • Car pools
  • Cinematographers
  • Fires
  • Football
  • Imprisonment
  • Independent filmmakers
  • Industries
  • Park rangers
  • Pickles
  • Police
  • Political campaigns
  • Sports
  • Buncombe County (N.C)
  • Greensboro (N.C)
  • Haw River (N.C.)
  • North Carolina--History--20th century
  • North Carolina--Social conditions--20th century
  • Raleigh (N.C.)
  • Research Triangle Park (N.C.)
  • Wake County (N.C)
  • Motion pictures
  • Political television commercials
  • Promotional films
  • Sponsored films
  • Television commercials
  • Acquisitions Information

    The initial collection, MPF.122.1 though 9, was donated by Mr. O. B. Garris on July 12, 1985 and accessioned by the State Archives on August 1, 1985. O.B. Garris was a co-proprietor of Century Films Productions. An addition of two titles, both US Navy films, were donated by Randi Ostack, daughter of O. B. Garris, in February 2016, and are MPF.122.10.

    Processing Information

  • Processed by Archives volunteer Melissa Dollman, 2014
  • Encoded by Melissa Dollman, 2014