Finding Aid of the American Institute of Architects, N. C. Chapter, [ca. 1877] - 1971, ORG.11


Finding Aid of the American Institute of Architects, N. C. Chapter, [ca. 1877] - 1971, ORG.11


The purpose of the organization is to unite in fellowship the architects of North Carolina and to combine their efforts for the promotion of the artistic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession.
Includes an records relating to the history of AIA (1877(?)-1957), and state organization records (1922-). The bulk of the records belong to the latter category and include correspondence, financial records, manuals and by-laws, conference documentation, committee files, educational information, and minutes.

Descriptive Summary

American Institute of Architects-NC Chapter Records
Call Number
American Institute of Architects. North Carolina Chapter.
[ca. 1877] - 1971
65.00 boxes, 66.00 cubic feet, 33.00 folders
State Archives of North Carolina

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Org.11, American Institute of Architects, N. C. Chapter, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC, USA.

Collection Overview

Includes an records relating to the history of AIA (1877(?)-1957), and state organization records (1922-). The bulk of the records belong to the latter category and include correspondence of the president, financial records, manuals and by-laws, national conference documentation, state conference records, the files of the secretary, files of the archivist, treasurer's records, committee files, educational information, School of Design files, and minutes. Some of the commonly mentioned committees include: the Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings, Committee on School Buildings, Public Relations Committee, Executive Committee and Education Committee. There is also one undated file at the end of the collection with the title

Arrangement Note

The Inactive Membership File is arranged alphabetically, while the other two series are arranged first chronologically and then alphabetically within each year.

Finding Aid prepared by: Beverly Privette and Meg Scott under direction of Ellen Z. McGrew on 14 June 1973.


The purpose of the organization, as stated in the bylaws, is to unite in fellowship the architects of North Carolina and to combine their efforts for the promotion of the artistic, scientific and practical efficiency of the profession. To further accomplish these ends, the Chapter adopted a code of ethical standards to which all its members conform. The North Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, organized in 1913, has grown from a small nucleus to an association of almost 2000 professionals.

Contents of the Collection

1. General Records, [ca. 1877], 1909-1971,


The following list of contents for each Hollinger box reflects the label on each folder in the box.

Inactive Membership File
Box 1
Annas, Gareth Edwin
Arnold, Richard M.
Bates, Charles Lyman
Baumgarten, William L.
Benkert, Ernst A.
Berryman, George R.
Boney, Leslie Norwood, Sr.
Booker, Elizabeth Parks
Boyce, Oren Douglas, Jr.
Breeze, V. W.
Brookbank, Thomas H.
Bullis, Peter E.
Burgess, Walter Carstarphen
Burney, L. Byron
Cameron, Albert Barnes
Campbell, William Ransom, Jr.
Campen, John H.
Canter, Shelton C.
Cass, Robert Carroll
Cobb, Lawrence W.
Cogan, Kenneth Woodrow
Cole, Victor O'Lynne
Cone, John Paine
Cone, John Paine, Jr.
Connelly, Charles W.
Cooper, Thomas W.
Coston, Truett H.
Creel, Wrenn Miller
Crews, Hall
Crosby, Claud D.
Crump, Ralph W.
Dale, Lucian J.
Davidson, Francis G.
Davis, Roger B.
Deloi, James V.
Diehl, Kenneth C.
Dilfield, Robert E.
Dorsett, Clyde Henry
Douglass, James E.
Edens, Doris Lee
Edwards, James M., Jr.
Elliott, Cecil D.
Enerson, Lawrence A.
Etheredge, Robert Winston, Jr.
Everhart, Eccles D.
Finch, William Martin, Jr.
Fitzgibbon, James W.
Flannagan, Eric G., Sr.
Foard, Osborne G.
Foxworth, George H.
Francis, Richard F.
Franklin, Gwyn Bernard
Gilland, Ralph Linwood
Box 2
Gladstone, Robert
Grady, James H.
Greene, Ronald
Griffith, James W., Jr.
Gidger, Lindsey M.
Hart, Ardley W.
Hartlege, John R., Jr.
Hastings, Charles Alexander
Heritage, William G.
Herman, Q. E.
Herman, Thomas B.
Heron, James A., Jr.
Holmes, William F.
Hook, Walter W.
Huling, Robert Coleman
Jackson, William D. H.
Jacobs, J. Harold
James, W. R., Jr.
Jenkins, Arthur C., Jr.
Johnson, Robert Swan
Jones, Arthur L.
Jones, Francis Eugene
Jones, Horace Creighton
Kahn, Charles Howard
Kent, Harold Dean
Kincaid, Jack Barton
King, Whalen Lester
Kistler, Gerald Edward
Klein, Henry Jacob
Knight, John C.
Kovac, Joseph J.
Kulikowski, Leon Jan
Kunz, Gordon H.
Lawing, Banks Oliver
Lawson, Thomas George
Lazaar, Thaddeus R. L.
Leaman, Richard Pleam
Leonard, David William
Lester, Bemis
Lewis, William J. G.
Livas, Henry Lewis
Loewenstein, Edward
Longstreet, Robert H.
Lynch, James B.
MacCartney, John Allen
Box 3
McCarl, Roger C.
McClanahan, Eric M.
McDonald, Robert Benton
McDowell, J. Harold
McInerney, Father Michael
McMillan, Leslie Love, Jr.
McMinn, Leon
Macklin, Harold
Maddocks, Durward L.
Marfleet, John A.
Markley, Robert R.
Marshall, Thomas F.
Marvin, Roy
Matsumoto, George
Maxwell, Allen J., Jr.
Maybin, Robert Henry
Mayfield, Henry D., Jr.
Meriwether, Shannon
Mitchell, James Hunter
Mitchell, Richard Dillard
Moore, Henry C.
Nash, Arthur C.
Noble, Robert W.
Norris, Peter Raymond
Northup, Willard C.
Oakley, Tommy Mack
O'Brien, Leet A.
O'Hear, James III
Olson, Bernard
Ormand, Robert S.
Parker, Chester A.
Parti, Purshotam Kumar
Paulson, Jehu D.
Peeps, William H.
Perkins, Raymond C.
Pfohl, Cyrill H.
Potter, Charles L.
Proctor, Mariana
Pugh, Edward St. C., Jr.
Raley, Joseph Oscar, Jr.
Rankin, Dr. W. S.
Rhyne, Charles T., Jr.
Riviere, Jack Paul
Rowland, John J.
Russell, J. M.
Saunders, William L.
Box 4
Schnedl, Edwin F.
Seay, Faset Joaquin
Settle, Walter M.
Sheppard, Edward Kelly
Shumaker, Ross
Sigmon, Irvin A.
Snyder, Paul L.
Sprinkle, William V. E.
Spurling, Everette G., Jr.
Stancil, William Alfred
Stein, Israel H.
Stephens, Burett H.
Strelitz, Robert Levan
Thomas, John Scott
Thompson, Ronald Wesley
Thrift, William J.
Treder, Paula
Tuttle, Arthur Norman, Jr.
Van Wert, Paul H.
Venable, Wallace Gerald
Voorhees, Louis F.
Walker, H. Leslie
Watson, James G.
Waugh, Edward W. R.
Webb, John B.
Weber, William M.
Weeks, H. Raymond
Wells, Joseph W.
Whitehurst, Brenda Adelaide
Williamson, H. H.
Wilson, R. Edwin
Winesett, John Dean
Wodehouse, Lawrence Michael
Woodroof, Albert C.
Woodruff, Thomas Albert
Wooster, Shirley Oliver, Jr.
Wooten, A. Mitchell
Wyman, John Edward

2. History of AIA, (broken series); State Organization Records, <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce" normal="1922">1922-</unitdate>, 1877(?)-1957

Early Organizational Records
Box 1
Abstract of Fourth District Regional Conference, AIA (National), Asheville,1925
AIA (National) group photograph,[1877 or 1887]
Bound Manuscript, "The AIA in N. C. and elsewhere in the South," ,1910-1947[8]
Chronology of AIA (National) founders, , etc., 1957
Microfilm reels:
State Board of Architectural Examination and Registration, legislative bills,1909-1915
<title xlink:type="simple" render="doublequote">"The AIA in N. C. and elsewhere in the South"</title>
NCAIA first president's tombstone
NCAIA photograph, Charlotte,1929
Organization--Early days
AIA circulars,1913-1914
Interview, Louis H. Asbury, Sr.,1955
Manuscript, <title xlink:type="simple" render="doublequote">"Founding Fathers, NCAIA"</title>, 1954
Manuscript rosters, printed
<title xlink:type="simple" render="italic">Some Designs</title>, Hook and Sawyer (book)
General Records
Box 2
By-laws of AIA (National) and NCAIA,1947, 1949-1950, 1952
Documents of AIA (National),1922-1947
Manuals of NCAIA,1954, 1958, 1967
Membership applications,1926-1931
Rosters of NCAIA,1923-1924, 1939-1942, 1946-1947, 1947-1949, 1951-1952, 1954-
Financial Records
Box 3
Fees, out-of-state, , n.d., 1941-1947
Treasurer's records,1941-1949
Check book stubs,1947-1948
Checks, cancelled,1947-1949
Manual (AIA--National), accounting methods,1948
Chapter ledger,1948-1952
Correspondence, etc.,1935-1945
Box 4
President's Correspondence, etc.,1946-1949
Box 5
Secretary's records,1946-
William H. Deitrick, correspondence, etc.,1947-
NCAIA By-laws and amendments,1948-1949
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc.,1949
AIA (National): Documents, Memos, Releases,1948-1958
Box 6
President's Correspondences etc.,1950-1953
Box 7
Convention, National,1950
N. C. Architectural Foundation,1950
Releases, Official,1950
Treasurer's records,1950
Bank statements
Paid bills
Architect--State Fees Committee,1950-1953
AIA (National), Releases,1951
Convention, National,1951
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc.,1951
Releases, Official,1951
Student Chapter, AIA (National), , n.d., 1951
School of Design
Treasurer's records,1951
Bank statements, cancelled checks
Treasurer's check book (stubs)
Paid bills
Records, correspondence
President's Correspondence, etc.,1951-1955
Box 8
AIA (National)
Committee on Public Relations,1951-1955
Judiciary Committee,1951-1955
Records from Arthur Jenkins' files,1952
Convention, National, New York,1952
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc.,1952
Releases, Official,1952
Treasurer's records
Check stubs,1952
Paid bills,1952
President's Correspondence, etc.,1952-1954
Box 9
AIA (National) Committee on Relations with the Construction Industry,1952-1954
Judiciary Committee, (2 folders),1952-1954
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc., N. C. State College,1952-1953
Treasurer's records,1952-1953
Cancelled checks, etc.
Correspondence, etc.
AIA (National),1953
Committee on Memberships
Records from Arthur Jenkins' files
Architect, State Fees Committee,1953
Chapter business and meetings,1953
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1953
Convention, National, Seattle,1953
Legal Affairs,1953
President's Correspondence, etc., A. Gould Odell,1953
Box 10
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc.,1953
Releases, Official,1953
School Buildings,(Apr-Sep), 1953
Treasurer's records, dues and memberships,1953
Winter meeting, Chapel Hill,January, 1953
President's Correspondence, etc., A. Gould Odell,1953-1954
Box 11
AIA (National),1953-1954
Committee on Memberships
Committee on Student Chapter
Executive Committee
Judiciary Committee,1953-1954
Public Relations Committee, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1953-1954
Treasurer's records,1953-1954
Box 12
Treasurer's records, check stubs,1953-1954
AIA (National),1954
Committee on Chapter Affairs
Committee on Education
Committee on Memberships
Fellowships (W. H. Deitrick)
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1954
Convention, National, Boston,1954
President's Correspondence, etc., A. Gould Odell,1954
Box 13
Public Relations Committee, (Arthur Jenkins, Acting Chairman),1954
Releases, Official,1954
School Buildings
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Jan.-June, 1954</unitdate>, Jan.-June, 1954
Treasurer's records,1954
Misc. records
Check stubs
Dues and memberships
President's Correspondence, etc., A. Gould Odell and Carter Williams,1954-1955
Box 14
Winter Meeting, Chapel Hill, (Simplified drafting), January, 1954
AIA (National) Fellowship, (Henry L. Kamphoefner), 1954-1956
Public Relations Committee,1954-1955
School Buildings,July, 1954-January, 1955
AIA (National) Personal,1955
President's Correspondence, etc., Carter Williams, 1955
Box 15
Chapter Affairs,(June-December), 1955
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1955
Convention, National, Minneapolis,1955
Correspondence, miscellaneous,1955
Eastern N. C. Council of Architects, Arthur Jenkins, President,1955
Executive Committee
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Jan.-Apr., 1955</unitdate>, Jan.-Apr., 1955
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">May-June, 1955</unitdate>, May-June, 1955
Guilford Council of Architects,(July-October), 1955
Membership,(January-December), 1955
Miscellaneous, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1955
Publications of Chapter,1955
President's Correspondence, etc., Carter Williams, 1955-1957
Box 16
Program,(January-July), 1955
Summer meeting of NCAIA,1955
AIA (National) memorandums, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1955-1956
Archivist (Louise Hall),February, 1955-January, 1957
Building Codes,February, 1955-January, 1957
Chapter meetings, minutes,1955-1956
Charlotte Council of Architects,March, 1955-Feb., 1956
Community Development,February, 1955-August, 1956
Construction Industry, relations with,Jan., 1955-Jan., 1957
Design Professions, collaboration with,Jan., 1955 - Jan., 1957
Dues,August, 1955-November, 1956
Education,January, 1955-January, 1957
Executive Committee Minutes,Mar., 1955-Sep., 1956
Box 17
Exhibitions,Feb., 1955-Dec., 1956
Fellowships, Institutes,March, 1955-January, 1957
Government relations,February, 1955-January, 1957
Historic Buildings, Preservation of,Jan., 1955-Jan., 1957
Home Building Industry,Apr., 1955-Sep., 1956
Hospitals and Public Health,Apr., 1955-Jan., 1957
Legal Affairs,Feb., 1955-Jan., 1957
Miscellaneous,Jan., 1955-Jan., 1957
N. C. Board of Architectural Examination and Registration,February, 1955-November, 1956
Office Practice,Feb., 1955 - Nov., 1956
Programs,Aug., 1955-Feb., 1957
Box 18
Public Relations,Jan., 1955-Oct., 1956
Regional Conference,Sep., 1955-Mar., 1956
Releases, Official,1955-1956
Research,Apr., 1955-Nov., 1956
School Buildings,Feb., 1955-Nov., 1956
Treasurer,Jan., 1955-Sept., 1956
South Atlantic District,Feb., 1955-Jan., 1957
Western Council of Architects,Apr., 1955-Jan., 1956
President's Correspondence, etc., Carter Williams,1956-1957
Box 19
AIA (National), miscellaneous,1956
Chapter Affairs
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Jan.-Aug, 1956</unitdate>, Jan.-Aug, 1956
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Sep., 1956-Jan., 1957</unitdate>, Sep., 1956-Jan., 1957
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1956
Convention, National, Los Angeles,1956
Correspondence, miscellaneous,(Feb-Dec), 1956
Meetings, NCAIA,1956
Box 20
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Jan.-July, 1956</unitdate>, Jan.-July, 1956
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Sep., 1956-Jan., 1957</unitdate>, Sep., 1956-Jan., 1957
NCAIA Winter meeting, Chapel Hill,Jan., 1956
N. C. Architectural Foundation,(Sep-Dec), 1956
Publications of Chapter
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Jan.-Aug, 1956</unitdate>, Jan.-Aug, 1956
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">Sep., 1956-Jan., 1957</unitdate>, Sep., 1956-Jan., 1957
School of Design
N. C. Architectural Foundation,April, 1956-January, 1957
Special study,1956
Winston-Salem Council of Architects,September, 1956
Regional Conference,(1956), 1955-1956
Box 21
Regional Conference,(1956), 1956
Box 22
Booth exhibits,1956
Exhibits, (3 folders),1956
Guide brochure,1956
Inactive file,1956
Other exhibits and equipment,1956
Box 23
Regional Conference,(Apr-Sep), 1956
South Atlantic District,April 12, 13, 14, 1956
President's Correspondence, etc., Carter Williams,1957
Box 24
Archivist (Lousie Hall),1957
Centennial Observances
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1957</unitdate>, 1957
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">March, 1956-Jan., 1957</unitdate>, March, 1956-Jan., 1957
Chapter Manual Committee,1957
Chapter meeting minutes, winter,1957
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1957
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1957</unitdate>, 1957
Centennial, Washington,1957
Correspondence, miscellaneous,January, 1957
Education Committee,1957
President's Correspondence, etc., William James,1957
Box 25
Executive Committee,1957
Home Building Industry,1957
NCAIA Meetings,1957
Office Practice,1957
Releases, Official,1957
President's Correspondence, etc., William James,1957-1960
Building Codes,1957-1958
Chapter Manual,1957-1958
Chapter meetings,1957-1958
Chapter Publications,1957-1958
Collaboration of Design Professions,1957-1959
Construction Industry Relations,1957-1958
Director's Correspondence, William James,1957-1960
Box 27
Executive Secretary,1957-1958
Government Relations,1957-1958
Institute Fellowship,1956-1959
Legal Affairs,1957-1958
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc.,1957-1958
N. C. Board of Architects, Examination and Registration,1957-1958
President's Correspondence, etc., William James,1957-1958
Box 28
Office Practice,1957-1958
Preservation of Historic Buildings,1957-1958
Public Relations,1957-1958
School Buildings,1957-1958
School of Design,1956-1958
Southern Architect, advertising accounts,1958-1960
Southern Architect, Income,1957
President's Correspondence etc. William James, 1957-1961
Box 29
Special Confidential File, William James (not to be opened until 1975)
Treasurer's records
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1957-1958</unitdate>, 1957-1958
Chapter dues ledger,1957-1960
Check stubs,1957-1961
President's Correspondence, etc., William James,1958
Box 30
Chapter Affairs,1958
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1958
Community Development,1958
Education Committee,1958
Executive Committee,1958
Fees and Contracts, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1958
Hospitals and Public Health,1958
President's Correspondence, etc., Robert Clemmer,1958-1961
Box 31
PENC-AIA State Contract Study,1958
Producers Council Coordination,1958
School Planning Conference,1958
Collaboration of Design Profession,1958-1961
Executive Committee,1958-1961
Archivist (Louise Hall),1959
Chapter Affairs,1959
Chapter Meeting Minutes,1959
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings,1959
Construction Industry Relations,1959
Box 32
Director (William James), AIA Memos,1959
Education Committee,1959
Legal Affairs,1959
Letters of Congratulations,1959
N. C. Board of Agriculture,1959
Newspaper clippings,1959
Public Relations,1959
School Buildings,1959
Secretary's Records (Fred W. Butner)
Box 33
Collaborative Code of Practice,1959
Committee Reports, meeting of, July, 1959
Correspondence, Robert L. Clemmer,1959
Secretary's Records, (F. W. Butner, Jr.)
Edmund R. Purvis,1959
H. J. Stockard,1959
N. C. Chapter Convention,July, 1959
South Atlantic District,1959
Southern Architect,1959
AIA (National), Miscellaneous,1959-1960
Building Codes,1959-1961
Chapter Manual,1959-1961
Chapter Publications,1959-1960
Chapters, Others,1959-1960
Box 34
Director (William James), Executive Committee: Minutes, Memos, etc.,1959-1960
Fees and Contracts,1959-1960
Home Building Industry,1959-1960
Institute Fellowship,1959-1961
Legal Problems,1959-1960
N. C. Chapter AIA, general,1960
Office Practice,1959-1960
Preservation of Historic Buildings,1959-1960
Producers Council Coordination,1959-1961
Box 35
Secretary's Records (F. W. Butner, Jr.), Executive Committee Meeting,1959-1960
School of Design, Student Chapter of AIA,1959-1960
Treasurer's Records,1959-1960
Urban Redevelopment
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1959-1960</unitdate>, 1959-1960
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1959-1961</unitdate>, 1959-1961
AIA (National)
Box 36
Annual Report, Convention,1960
Convention, San Francisco,April 18-22, 1960
Document #397, Minutes, Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors,March 9-12, 1959
Document #398, Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting,May 17-18, 1959
Document #399, Minutes of the Pre-Convention Meeting and Organization Meeting,June 19-21, 25, 1959
Document #400, Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting,September 11, 1959
Document #401, Minutes of the Fall Meeting of the Board of Directors,November 9-13, 1959
Document #402, Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting,January 25, 1960
Document #403, Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors,January 25-28, 1960
Document #404, Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting,February 20, 1960
Document #405, Minutes of the Pre-Convention Meeting and Organization Meeting,April, 1960
Document #406, Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting,July 26-28, 1960
Document #407, Minutes of Fall Meeting of the Board of Directors,September, 1960
Document #I-101-A, Rules of the Board of Directors, Edition of, 1960
Document #I-101-B, AIA Policy Statements, Edition of, 1960
Chapter Affairs,1960
Box 37
Construction Industry Relations,1960
Government Relations,1960
Group Insurance,1960
Legal Affairs,1960
Membership, (Arthur Jenkins, Chairman),1960
N. C. Board of Architecture,1960
School Buildings,1960
Secretary's Records, (F. W. Butner, Jr.)
Committee Reports, Meeting of, January, 1960
Robert L. Clemmer,1960
Edmund R. Purvis,1960
Letters to H. J. Stockard,1960
N. C. Chapter Meeting,January, 1960
Secretary's Records, (Fred W. Butner), South Atlantic Regional Meeting,1960
Box 38
South Atlantic District,1960
Southern Architect,1960
Termite Soil Poisoning, AIA,1960
Winter Meeting,1960
AIA (National), Correspondence,1960-1962
Chapter Meeting Minutes,1960-1962
Chapter Publications,1960-1962
Committee on Preservation of Historic Buildings
, n.d., 1960-1963, 1967
Application Forms, n.d.
Box 39
Director (William James), Executive Committee: Minutes, Memos, etc.,1960-1962
Executive Secretary,1960-1961
Exhibitions Committee,1960-1961
Hospitals and Public Health,1960-1961
N. C. Architectural Foundation, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1960-1961
Public Relations,1960-1961
Secretary's Records, (Fred W. Butner)
Executive Committee Meetings,1960-1961
Miscellaneous Correspondence,1960-1961
President's Correspondence, etc., Robert Haskins,1961
Box 40
AIA (National), South Carolina, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1961
Archivist (Louise Hall),1961
Committee Appointments, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1961
Committee Reports, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1961
Community Development, (J. A. Malcolm),1961
Correspondence, miscellaneous,1961
Executive Committee, meetings,1961
Home Building, Industry,1961
Legal Affairs,1961
Membership, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1961
Miscellaneous, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1961
NCAIA Chapter, general,1961
Newspaper clippings,1961
Office, NCAIA,1961
Preservation of Historic Buildings,1961
Research, (David M. Mackintoch, Chairman),1961
Secretary's Records (Fred W. Butner), N. C. Chapter,Meeting,January, 1961
Box 41
Student Chapter,1961
Treasurer's Records, Membership dues,1961
Winter Meeting,1961
Building Codes,1961-1962
Chapter Affairs,1961-1962
Chapter Manual,1961-1962
Collaboration of Design Professions, (Jas. Benton, Chairman),1961-1962
Construction Industry, (J. C. Hemphill, Jr.),1961-1962
Construction Industry Relations,1961-1963
Box 42
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1961-1962</unitdate>, 1961-1962
Education Committee
Elizabeth Lee, Chairman,1961-1962
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1961-1962</unitdate>, 1961-1962
Examination Board,1961-1962
Executive Committee,1961-1962
Executive Secretary,1961-1962
Exhibition Committee,1961-1962
Box 43
Government Relations, (Stanley Fishel),1961-1962
Hospital and Public Health,1961-1962
Items to be Filed,1961-1962
Membership, (Frank Ballard),1961-1962
New Business, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1961-1963
Office Practice,1961-1962
Producer's Council,1961-1962
Public Relations,1961-1962
School Buildings,1961-1962
School of Design, (A. L. Haskins, Jr.),1961-1962
Secretary's Records, (Fred W. Butner), Correspondence, Robert Haskins,1961-1962
Treasurer's Records
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1961-1962</unitdate>, 1961-1962
Archivist, (Louise Hall),1962
Box 44
AIA (National),1962
Producers Council Relations
Report, Newsletter of the AIA
AIA (National), South Carolina
Associations of Professions,1962
Chapter Manual,1962
Collaboration of Design, Professions Committee,1962
Constructions Industry Relations,1962
Convention, Dallas,1962
Documents and Publications,1962
Eastern N. C. Council of Architects,1962
Education Committee,1962
Executive Committee Meetings,1962
Executive Committee Meetings, Minutes,1962
Government Relations,1962
Home Building Industry,1962
Hospitals and Health Committee,1962
Legal Affairs,1962
Office Practice,1962
Old Business,1962
Public Relations Committee, (William W. Dodge III, Chairman),1962
Publications Committee, Southern Architect,1962
Publications of other Chapters,1962
School Buildings,1962
Box 45
Secretary's Records,1962
Correspondence, Arthur Jenkins
Betty Silver
South Atlantic Region,1962
Summer Meeting, Morehead City,June, 1962
Treasurer's Records, Membership dues,1962
AIA (National),1962-1963
Memo, Newsletter of the AIA
Building Codes,1962-1963
Chapter Participation, other meetings,1962-1963
Executive Committee Meeting,1962-1963
Institute Fellowship,1962-1963
Box 46
Invitations from other groups,1962-1963
N. C. Design Foundation,1962-1963
Secretary's Records,1962-1963
AIA (National) Correspondence
Elizabeth Lee
Executive Committee Meetings
Teacher Seminar (AIA-ACSA), Cranbrook Academy of Art, Papers from,June 11-22, 1962
AIA Convention, Miami, Florida,1963
Box 47
Associations of Professions, from Arthur Jenkins' files,1963
Fred Greiger Scholarship Award,1963
Southern Architect, Issues,1963
Winter Meeting, Greensboro,January, 1963
Executive Secretary,1961
Box 48
AlA (National), South Carolina,1961
Clemmer, Robert,1961
Letters of Transmittal, also current membership status, 1961
Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements,October 2, 1959-January 31, 1961
Box 49
AIA (National),1962
South Carolina
Exhibitions Committee,1962
Exhibitions, Macon Smith,1962
Letters of Transmittal,1962
Regional Conference,October, 1962
Summer Meeting,1962
Trade Fair,1962
Winter Meeting,1962
Membership File,1963
Box 50
Executive Secretary,1963
Box 51
Archivist, (Louise Hall),1963
AIA (National),1963
Application blanks
South Carolina
Building Codes,1963
Design Committee,1963
Exhibition Chairman,1963
Exhibition Committee,1963
Fees and Contracts, (James Stenhouse),1963
Meeting,October, 1963
Memos, AIA,1963
Newspaper clippings,1963
Project Descriptions,1963
Schools, Fees and Contracts,1963
Secretary, (Elizabeth Lee),1963
Summer Meeting,1963
Winter Meeting,1963
N. C. Architectural Foundation, Inc.,1963-1964
Box 52
AIA (National),1964
Charlotte, photos,1964
Exhibition Committee,1964
Fall Meeting,1964
Ferebee, S. S.,1964
N. C. Architect, photos,Dec., 1964
Secretary's Records, (Atwood Skinner),1964
AIA (National), Correspondence
Executive Committee Meetings
Ferebee Correspondence
Box 53
Letters of Transmittal, (Betty Silver), Membership
Reports of Committees
South Atlantic Conference,1964
Summer Meeting,1964
Teacher Seminar,1964
Winter Meeting,1964
Archivist, (Louise Hall),1965
Box 54
AIA (National),1965
South Carolina
Boney, L. N., Jr.,1965
Convention Correspondence, Pan American Congress,1965
Exhibitions Committee,1965
Honor Awards, Entry Forms,1965
Newspapers and Miscellaneous,1965
Winter Meeting, Booths,
AIA (National),1966
Box 55
Governor's Council on Beautification,1966
National Convention, Denver,1966
Octagon Fund Drive,1966
Roofing Conference,1966
Smith, Macon,1966
Box 56
Winter, Raleigh
Winter Convention, Booth information
AIA (National),1967
Critics Award
South Carolina
Convention, National, New York,1967
Meeting,October, 1967
N. C. Architect, Art Museum Issue,1967
Professions, Associations of,1967
State Contracts, Special Committee,1967
Summer Convention,1967
Box 57
Treasurer's Records, Membership dues,1967
Winston-Salem Convention,1967
WOCU Committee,1967
Honor Awards,1968
Box 58
Profit Planning Seminar,April, 1968
Summer Convention, Asheville,August 1-3, 1968
Colloquy, Penn State University,December, 1969
Honor Awards Committee, (George Smart, Chairman),1969
School of Architecture, Charlotte,1969
School of Design, Students,1969
President's Correspondence etc. Richard L. Rice, 1969-1971
Box 59
National, General,1969-1970
N. C., Winter Convention
Board Minutes, Bulletins, and Financial Statements,1969-1970
Building Codes Committee,1969-1970
By-Laws Committee,1969-1970
Commission on the Professional Society,1969-1971
Construction Industry Liaison,1969-1970
Convention Advisory Committee,1969-1970
Conventions, other,1969-1970
Education Committee,1969-1970
Box 60
Ethics and Legal Affairs Committee,1969-1970
Executive Committee,1969-1970
Housing Architecture Committee,1969-1970
Membership Growth and Section and Council Organization Committee,1969-1970
New School of Architecture at UNC-Charlotte Committee,1969-1970
N. C. Architect Committee,1969-1970
N. C. Architectural Foundation,1969-1970
Professional Corporations,1969-1970
Public Relations Committee,1969-1970
AIA (National),1970
Box 61
CEC Public Affairs Conference
Tower Committee
AlA (N. C.), Winter Convention,1970
Awards Committee,1970
Boston Convention,1970
Box 62
Commission on Architectural Design,1970
Commission on Education and Research,1970
Committee on Environment,1970
Ethics and Legal Affairs Committee,1970
Executive Committee,1970
Fall Meeting,1970
Fees and Contracts Committee,1970
Finance Committee,1970
General Committee Appointments,1970
Government Liaison and Legislative Committee,1970
Box 63
Historic Building Committee,1970
Institute Fellowship Committee, 1970
Nominating Committee,1970
N. C. Association of Professions,1970
N. C. Board of Architecture,1970
Office Procedures Committee,1970
President's Report, NCAIA,1970
Resolutions Committee,1970
Retirement Plans,1970
Secretary's Records,1970
Exhibitions Committee
Professional Consultant Liaison Committee
Section and Council Organization Committee,1970
School of Architecture Committee,1970
Social Responsibility Committee,1970
South Atlantic Regional Council,1970
Summer Convention, General,1970
Systems Conference,1970
Urban Design Committee,1970
Commission on Professional Practice,1971
Miscellaneous, n.d.-, 1971
Box 64
Black Mountain College, n.d.
Invitation to Bid, How to Prepare, n.d.
Panoramic and Monumental Map of Havana, n.d.
Simplified Drafting and The Architect, n.d.
Specification Outline, NCAIA, n.d.
Successful Organization, guide, n.d.
N. C. Architect, 1971
Membership Voting,1948, 1953-1954
Box 65

Subject Headings

  • American Institute of Architects.
  • American Institute of Architects. North Carolina Chapter
  • Architects--Professional ethics.
  • Architects--Public relations.
  • Architectural design--History.
  • Architecture--United States--Study and teaching.
  • Historic buildings--Preservation and restoration.
  • School buildings.
  • Architects--Professional ethics
  • Architects--Public relations
  • Architectural design--History
  • Architecture--United States--Study and teaching
  • Historic buildings--Preservation and restoration
  • School buildings
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    Received on loan from the North Carolina Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Raleigh, July 10, 1970.

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