Finding Aids of the John Vann Papers, 1718 - 1911, PC.122


Finding Aids of the John Vann Papers, 1718 - 1911, PC.122


The John Vann Papers consist primarily of the papers of father and son, John Vann (1768-1850) and John Arline Vann (1822-1902), Hertford County, N.C., planters, public officials, and state legislators.
The majority of the papers relate to the affairs and estates of others for whom the two Vanns acted in a fiduciary capacity as executor, administrator, trustee, or guardian. A significant number of the remainder of the papers related to the activities of the two Vanns (principally the son) as public officials of Hertford County. These semi-public materials include wills, inventories of estates, accounts of administrators and guardians, tax records, election records, tar and fish inspection records, deeds, and bills of sale. The private family papers include papers on the Cool Spring Baptist meeting house, Chowan Baptist Female College, accounts, bills, receipts, deeds, promissory notes, sawmill accounts, fishery accounts, material relating to and naming slaves, and a small amount of correspondence ranging in date from 1788 to 1900. Some of the papers relate to the affairs of John Vann's father-in-law, Jesse R. Cross.

Descriptive Summary

John Vann Papers
Call Number
Vann family
1718 - 1911
5.00 Archive Boxes, 4.00 folders, 2.00 oversize volumes
State Archives of North Carolina

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[Identification of item], PC.122, John Vann Papers, State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC, USA.

Arrangement Note

Because the varied nature of the papers do not lend themselves to arrangement by series in the ordinary way, it has been deemed simplest to categorize them into files and to arrange the files alphabetically. For the sake of convenience the files of estates have been removed from their place in the alphabetical arrangement of general files and boxed separately.

This collection is organized into files under the categories of ; ; ; With the exception of the latter, within these other series, the files are arranged alphabetically in separate folders.

Biographical Note

John Vann (1768-1850), Hertford County planter, moved from Gates to Hertford County at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and remained active in public affairs until his death in 1850, serving as chairman of the court for the last twenty years of his life. He represented Hertford County in the House of Commons in 1823, 1824, and 1825, and in the State Senate in 1833 and again in 1835. By his marriage to Nancy Cross, Vann had five sons, among them John A., who was as politically active as his father.

John Arline Vann (1822-1902) commenced his public life as a constable in 1840. He served as clerk of the Superior Court in 1851, 1852, and 1853, and was elected sheriff of the county in 1856, serving in that office until 1860. Sometime afterward, he was again clerk of the Superior Court, and though he had to vacate the office in October, 1865, when all offices in the state were declared vacant, he was reappointed and continued to serve as clerk and master in equity until 1868 when the superior courts were reformed and the equity side abolished.. Vann represented the county in the House of Commons in 1864 and 1865, and though he stood as a Democratic party candidate for election to the 1875 Constitutional Convention he was defeated. During the years from 1871 to 1877 Vann was treasurer of the county, serving simultaneously as one of the county commissioners and a justice of the peace during the years from 1874 to 1876. By his marriage to Martha Ann Newsome in 1849, John Arline Vann had eight children, none of whom figure in these papers.

Contents of the Collection

1. General Files

Box PC.122.1
, n.d., 1807-1832
Memoranda Books,1807-1831
Cool Spring Meeting House, Gates Co.,1816-1819
Miscellaneous, , n.d., 1874-1901
Bills, Receipts, etc., , <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1805-1896</unitdate>, n.d., 1785-1787 1805-1896
Chowan Baptist Female Institute, , <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1889-1890</unitdate>, 1869 1889-1890
Court Papers--Miscellaneous, , <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1804-1860</unitdate>, 1784-1785 1804-1860
Cross Family Genealogy
Deeds (includes Bills of Sale, Chattel Mortgages, etc.), 1718-1911
Bertie County,1827
Gates County,1786-1827
Divorce--William T. Lewis vs. Sally Lewis,189-
Election Records
Box PC.122.2
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1856</unitdate>, 1856
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1857</unitdate>, 1857
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1858</unitdate>, 1858
<unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1861</unitdate>, 1861
Farmers & Merchants Steam Transportation Co.,1878
Accounts (Mount Gallant),1818-1832
Miscellaneous Papers,1807-1832
Hertford County Justices--Nomination,1823
Hertford County Court House,1874
Hertford County School Committee Report,1863
Literary Manuscripts/Poetry, n.d.
Little, Thomas Person--Trusteeship,1856
Little, William Person--Business Papers,1815-1823
Little, Thomas Person--Trusteeship,1856
Marriage License (Alfred Darden & Sarah Moore),1826
Medicine,1821-1856, n.d.
Printed Matter, Miscellaneous, , n.d., 1864-1865
Promissory Notes,1770-1877
Revolutionary War Soldier (John Braddy),1782
Hire, , n.d., 18l0-1853
Miscellaneous (Pass; trial; births),1805-1840
Stud Records, , <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1822-1823</unitdate>, <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1852</unitdate>, 1815 1822-1823 1852
Tar and Fish Inspection, , <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1802-1803</unitdate>, 1796-1797 1802-1803
Tavern Bills,1821
Tax Collector's Books,1856-1857
Tax List, Winton,1811
Tax Records and Receipts,1855-1860
University of Virginia--Law Examination,190l-1902
Vann Family History,1838
Vann House, Hertford Co. (photograph) n.d.
Winton Post Office Accounts,1831-1844
Winton Town Plan and Lot Deeds,1819-1879

2. Estates

Anderson, John A.,1861
Box PC.122.3
Baker, John,1869
Benton, Jesse,1866
Best, John,1822
Boyce, Josiah,1816
Britt, Mrs. Sidney,1867
Cotten, Christian,1816
Cotten, Noah,1815
Crawford, James,1814
Crawford, John,1815
Cross, Cyprian,1810
Cross, Jesse R.,1823
Gatling, W. J.,1899
Godwin, Penelope,1799
Felton, Boon,1821
Hays, Emily,1865
Box PC.122.4
Hollomon, S. J.,1909
Howell, Wright,1818
Landen, Mills,1851
Lawrence, Jonas,1824
Liverman, William,1869
Magette, M. V.,1894
Nickens, Richard,1815
Overton, Cornelius,1854
Parker, J. O.,1897
Pipkin, John,1812
Raby, James H.,1868
Riddick, James A.,1869
Roberts, B.,1815
Smith, Garrison M.,1832
Spivey, William J.,1860
Vann, Charles,1785
Vann, Edward,1818
Vann, Jesse,1818
Vann, Jesse W.,1853
Vann, John,1851
Vann, Tilman D.,1871
Unidentified Estates

3. Wills

Anderson, John A.,1861
Baker, John,1869
Cotten, Noah,1815
Cotten, Thomas,1787
Darden, Lavinia,1873
Magett, James,1861
Saunders, James,1900
Vann, John,1819
Vann, John,1845

4. Account Books


Arrangement changed from one large oversized box to three boxes based on size: Slim Fibredex Box 5, and Oversized Medium Box No. 1 & No.2.

Jesse R. Cross Account Book,1811-1825
Box Oversize PC.122.5
Sawmill Ledger,1851-1852
Sawmill Time Book,1851-1855
Postage Book of Cordwell Vann and John A. Vann's miscellaneous accounts,1841-1842; 1847-1861
Journal of the firm of Williams & Felton, also including accounts of three estates,1815-1821; 1826-1829
John A. Jenkins Account Book,1877-1878
Accounts Receivable Ledger,1822
John C. Carter, debts; estate, ; <unitdate type="inclusive" calendar="gregorian" era="ce">1918</unitdate>, 1878 1918
Mount Gallant Fishery Accounts,1828-1832
Hertford County Taxes,1872-1878
Clerk's Receipt Book, Hertford County Superior Court,185l-1853

Subject Headings

  • Braddy, John.
  • Branch, John, 1782-1863.
  • Darden, Alfred.
  • Little, Thomas Person.
  • Little, William Person.
  • Shepard, William P.
  • Vann family.
  • Cross family.
  • Lawrence family.
  • Vann, John
  • Vann, John A.
  • Darden, Alfred
  • Moore, Sarah
  • Little, William P.
  • Little, Thomas P.
  • Benton Family
  • Carter Family
  • Cotten Family
  • Cross Family
  • Crawford Family
  • Felton Family
  • Howell Family
  • Landen Family
  • Lang Family
  • Little Family
  • Nickens Family
  • Overton Family
  • Pipkin Family
  • Smith Family
  • Braddy, John
  • Chowan Baptist Female Institute (Murfreesboro, N.C.)
  • Cool Spring Meeting House.
  • Farmers and Merchants Steam Transportation Co.
  • Half Moon Fishery.
  • Hertford County Courthouse.
  • Mount Gallant Fishery.
  • Old Town Plantation.
  • Chowan Baptist Female Institute
  • Cool Spring Meeting House
  • Baptists.
  • Elections.
  • Fisheries.
  • Governors.
  • Literacy tests (Election law)
  • Postal service.
  • Sawmills.
  • Schools.
  • Secession Convention.
  • Slaves.
  • Suffrage.
  • Administration of estates
  • Marriage Bonds
  • Plantations
  • General Store
  • Slaves
  • Husband and Wife
  • Slave Patrols
  • Employees
  • Births (Vital Statistics)
  • Death
  • Political participation
  • Suffrage
  • Amendments
  • Sawmills
  • Taxation
  • Sheriffs
  • Fisheries
  • Voting
  • Registration of Voters
  • Political campaigns
  • Election districts
  • War of 1812
  • Schools
  • Finance, Public
  • Local officials and employees
  • Business
  • Taverns
  • Records
  • Cost
  • Finance, Personal
  • County Government -- Records and Correspondence
  • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Civilian Relief.
  • United States--History--War of 1812.
  • Bertie County (N.C.)
  • Gates County (N.C.)
  • Hertford County (N.C.)
  • Winton (N.C.)
  • Chowan County (N.C.)
  • Northampton County (N.C.)
  • Acquisitions Information

    Gift of Louise Vann Boone, Winton, N.C., June 18, 1934; May 30, 1944; May 20, 1974; Aug. 14, 1987; and Feb. 14, 1990.

    Processing Information

  • Processed by George Stevenson, May 26, 1999. Additional processing by Fran Tracy-Walls and Stephen C. Edgerton, Sept. 2019. Encoded by Fran Tracy-Walls, January 7, 2003, who revised and updated the finding aid, October 2019, for publication in Discover Online Catalog (DOC).