Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rogers Mangold Papers, PC.1520


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rogers Mangold Papers, PC.1520


Frederick R. Mangold was an instructor and professor at Black Mountain College (Black Mountain, N.C.) from 1934-1942. During those years he also served as acting Secretary, Secretary of the Corporation, Registrar, and member of the Board of Fellows of the Corporation. Both his first wife, Isabel Hollister Mangold, and his second wife, Anne Gilbert Mangold, also worked at Black Mountain College. This collection pertains to the Mangolds' years at Black Mountain, and includes correspondence, college publications, articles about Black Mountain and miscellaneous items.

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Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rogers Mangold Papers
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Mangold, Frederick R., 1907-1971
Western Regional Archives, State Archives of North Carolina

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    After a year at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, Frederick Rogers Mangold went to the University of Wisconsin where he received a Ph.D. degree in Spanish in 1934. He spent that summer at Princeton, and then on the recommendation of Henry Allen Moe, Secretary of the Guggenheim Foundation, went to Black Mountain College as an instructor in Romance Languages.

    While at Black Mountain, Mangold served as instructor and professor (1934-1942); acting Secretary (Summer 1934) and Secretary of the Corporation (1937-1942); Registrar (1935-1938); and member of the Board of Fellows of the Corporation (1935-1942). His wife, Isabel Hollister Mangold, served as college librarian from the time of their arrival in 1934 until their divorce in the summer of 1938 when she left the college. Fred Mangold then married Anne Gilbert who had come to Black Mountain as a secretary in September 1937; after their marriage she took the position of Registrar which she held until they left Black Mountain in 1942.

    Frederick Mangold requested and received a leave of absence from Black Mountain College in September 1942. He went first to the Board of Economic Warfare, and later to the Department of State (Foreign Service Auxiliary) which stationed him at the American Embassy in Mexico. At the close of the war, he resigned from Black Mountain in order to stay with the Foreign Service Auxiliary and continue his work in economics.
    This collection pertains to the Mangolds' years at Black Mountain, and includes correspondence, college publications, articles about Black Mountain and miscellaneous items.

    The correspondence (1935-1945, n.d.) contains personal letters to and from Frederick Mangold, carbon copies of letters sent by him in his official capacity as Secretary of the college, and telegrams. All of it is primarily concerned with college affairs, and many of the letters provide descriptions of living conditions and atmosphere in an innovative, communal experiment in education. Correspondence with Louis Adamic in regard to Adamic's article on Black Mountain College in Harper's Magazine (April 1936), and with Dr. Arthur S. Adams (August 1935-March 1936) give especially clear statements on philosophy and teaching conditions. Much of the remainder of the correspondence concentrates on routine college business, evaluation of prospective teachers and students, and allusions to the college's recurrent conflicts.

    College publications in the collection include issues of the Bulletin (Nos. 2-7, 1934-1941); catalogs (1933/34-1939/40) and announcements (1942/43-1944/45); the Bulletin [Series II] (1943-1946, n.d.); Newsletters (1938-1941); and miscellaneous publications. There are also magazine and newspaper articles about Black Mountain College (1933-1972, n.d.), and articles written by faculty and students. These include a number of items by and about Anni and Josef Albers.

    Miscellaneous items include notes from Mangold's "Form in Literature" class (1936); D. H. Lawrence: The Triumph of Texture, by Jane Mayhall (1936); Camp Rockmont brochure; reviews of Martin Duberman's Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community (1972); and a collection of student prose and poetry collected in "...toward a projected College magazine..." (n.d.). Also included with the miscellaneous items are two later additions made by Mrs. Anne Mangold to the papers. Included in these additions are carbon copies of correspondence between Mr. and Mrs. Mangold and John Evarts during the summer of 1940, carbon copies of a daily record of the Mangolds' trip that summer, and a photocopies of a letter dated May 23, 1977 from Tony Zappone to Anne Mangold concerning the death of Trudi Straus.

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  1. Mangold, Frederick Rogers
  2. Rice, John Andrew, 1888-
  3. Adams, Arthur S. (Arthur Stanton), 1896-
  4. Straus, Erwin W. (Erwin Walter), 1891-1975
  5. Wunsch, William Robert, 1896-
  6. Albers, Josef
  7. Evarts, John
  8. Lawrence, D. H.
  9. Duberman, Martin
  10. Straus, Gertrude, 1895-1977
  11. Adamic, Louis, 1899-1951
  12. Black Mountain College (Black Mountain, N.C.)
  13. Colorado School of Mines
  14. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  15. Harvard University
  16. Columbia University
  17. Rollins College (Winter Park, Fla.)
  18. United States. Armed Forces
  19. United States. Army
  20. College presidents
  21. Universities and colleges
  22. College teachers
  23. Authors
  24. College students
  25. Physicians
  26. Psychiatrists
  27. Germans
  29. Soldiers
  30. Education
  31. Federal Aid to Education
  32. College graduates
  33. Public speaking
  34. Reminiscing
  35. Psychiatry
  36. Interpersonal conflict
  37. Universities and colleges--Admission
  38. Student aid
  39. Travel
  40. Administration
  41. Finance
  42. Employees, Dismissal of
  43. Artists
  44. Literature
  45. Curricula (Courses of Study)
  46. Financial Statements
  47. Language and Languages
  48. Language Teachers
  49. College registrars
  50. Violinists
  51. Letters of appreciation
  52. Criticism
  53. Washington (D.C.)
  54. Mexico
  55. Germany
  56. Black Mountain
  57. Acquisitions Information