Shaffner Diary and Papers, PC.247


Shaffner Diary and Papers, PC.247

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Shaffner Diary and Papers
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State Archives of North Carolina

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    Printed, edited diary of Dr. John Francis Shaffner, Sr., of Salem, surgeon in 33rd and 4th Regts. NCT, kept while in the latter regiment (Sept., 1863-Feb., 1864). Also typed, edited copies of his correspondence and that of Carrie Fries whom he married in 1865 and of her father Francis Fries, Salem textile manufacturer. Prewar letters are from the Fries family concerning business, shopping, and sightseeing in Philadelphia, New York, Indianapolis, and Atlantic City; the woolen mill in Salem; and family slaves. Letters from Fries include comments as member of the legislature (1858-1859) and on politics in Salem (1860) and advice to Shaffner on his medical studies at Jefferson College, Philadelphia. Shaffner's correspondence during the war concerns camp and field hospitals in North Carolina and Virginia; sickness among troops; female nurses from Salem (1861); fellow surgeons and officers; an expedition against Unionists in Davidson Co. (1861); Unionist sentiment among Moravian clergy; events and entertainments in Salem; shooting of deserters; election of 1864; his own court-martial and acquittal; opinions of Governors Ellis and Clark, Col. Bryan Grimes, and Gen. Jubal Early; and reports on battles in which his regiment participated. Other letters are from H. W. Fries about the woolen mill (1857-1861); from Capt. Alfred Belo, including description of First Battle of Manassas; from Mary Fries Patterson, wife of Rufus L. Patterson; and from J. W. Fries, student at UNC in 1867. Original papers are in the Southern Historical Collection, UNC, as Fries-Shaffner Family Papers.

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    Subject Headings

  1. Shaffner, John Francis, Sr.
  2. Fries, Carrie
  3. Fries, Francis
  4. Fries Family
  5. John Willis Ellis, 1820-1861
  6. Clark Henry Toole, 1808-1874
  7. Jubal Anderson Early, 1816-1894
  8. Fries, H. W.
  9. Belo, Alfred
  10. Patterson, Mary Fries
  11. Patterson, Rufus L.
  12. Fries, J. W.
  13. Shaffner Family
  14. Confederate States of America
  15. Confederate States of America. Army. North Carolina Infantry Regiment, 33rd
  16. Confederate States of America. Army. North Carolina Infantry Regiment, 4th
  17. Jefferson College (Philadelphia, Pa.)
  18. Moravian Church
  19. Surgeons
  20. Physicians
  21. Women
  22. Slaves
  23. Legislators
  24. Cloth Manufacturers
  25. Textile Industry
  26. Industrialists
  27. Businesspeople
  28. Business
  29. Tourists
  30. Sightseers
  31. Politics
  32. Politics, Practical
  33. Woolen Goods
  34. Mills
  35. Textile factories
  36. Universities and colleges
  37. Medical colleges
  38. Military camps
  39. Hospitals
  40. Diseases
  41. Military hospitals
  42. Soldiers
  43. Officer
  44. Unionists, Southern
  45. Clergy
  46. Elections
  47. Expeditions
  48. Charges and Specifications (Courts-Martial)
  49. [ Duplin Co. Militia] Regimental Courts-Martial
  50. Acquittals
  51. Colonels
  52. Governors
  53. Generals
  54. Battles
  55. Ship captains
  56. Entertainment Events
  57. Nurses
  58. Military deserters
  59. College students
  60. Bull Run, 1st Battle of, Va., 1861
  61. Salem
  62. United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865
  63. Philadelphia (Pa.)
  64. New York (N.Y.)
  65. Indianapolis (Ind.)
  66. Atlantic City (N.J.)
  67. Virginia
  68. Manassas (Va.)