M. Anna Fariello Craft Research Collection, PC.7038


M. Anna Fariello Craft Research Collection, PC.7038

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M. Anna Fariello Craft Research Collection
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Fariello, M. Anna
4.400 cubic feet
Western Regional Archives, State Archives of North Carolina

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[Identification of item], PC.7038, M. Anna Fariello Craft Research Collection, State Archives of North Carolina, Western Regional Archives, Asheville, NC.

Collection Overview

This collection consists of articles, notes, photocopies, booklets, flyers, and ephemera relating to craft and craft revival in Western North Carolina. The bulk of the materials were assembled as part of the research for the Western Carolina University online, grant-funded project entitled Craft Revival Shaping Western North Carolina Past and Present. The bulk of the project ran from 2005 to 2009 and the purpose was to create a research-based website to document the historic effort to revive handcraft in the western part of the state. While these files were used for that project, they also include materials in addition to that effort relating to craft in the region.


Curator and scholar, Mary Anna Fariello is a former Smithsonian Renwick Fellow in American Craft. Her research at the Smithsonian focused on the southern craft revival and led to her work at Western Carolina University, where she documented the region's material culture. Author of 8 books, numerous book chapters and articles, she presented over 150 conference papers and invited lectures, and directed over 30 federal, state, and private grants. Since 1990, she curated over 30 exhibitions for regional and national museums, almost all focusing on American craft.

Among her digital projects, while an Associate Professor at Western Carolina University, she curated the online digital archival collections--
Craft Revival: Shaping Western North Carolina Past & Present https://www.wcu.edu/library/DigitalCollections/CraftRevival/
Cherokee Traditions: From the Hands of our Elders https://www.wcu.edu/library/digitalcollections/cherokeetraditions/
Great Smoky Mountains: A Park for America https://www.wcu.edu/library/DigitalCollections/GSMPark/
and Picturing Appalachia. The Library of Congress profiled her work in Digital Preservation, its online blog.

Anna Fariello holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics and Mixed Media from James Madison University, a Master of Arts in Museum Studies/Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Douglas College at Rutgers University. An Associate Professor at three state universities, she taught courses in Museum Studies at Radford University and Virginia Tech, Virginia state universities.

She has been honored with the following awards:
2010 Brown Hudson Award from the North Carolina Folklore Society
2013 Guardians of Culture award from the Association of Tribal Archives and Museums,
2016 Preservation Excellence award from the North Carolina Preservation Consortium, and a
2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern Highland Craft Guild.
She lives in Cullowhee, NC.

Contents of the Collection

1. Projects

Blue Ridge Roadways Book
Articles and Books
Fariello, Anna, "The Appalachian Craft Revival: Isolation and the Absence of I Ideology: The Twin Myths of Appalachian Culture"
Fariello, Anna, "Building Upon the Stones of Venice: Ruskin's Role in the Arts & Crafts Movement," Style 1900, November 2001
Fariello, Anna, "The Container as Metaphor: Figurative Works by Donna Polseno," Ceramics: Art and Perception No. 37 1999
Fariello, Anna, "Crafts and Craftspeople of the Appalachians," Smithsonian Folklife Festival Booklet, 2003
Fariello, Anna, "From Absurdity to Austerity"
Fariello, Anna, "The Koger Collection: 4,000 Years of Chinese Porcelain," Style Weekly, May 26, 1987
Fariello, Anna, "Market Forces as Moral Value: The Questionable Aesthetic," Ceramics Monthly, February 1996
Fariello, Anna, "Material Meaning," The Shape of Ceramic History, 1996?
Fariello, Anna, "Material + Technology: Reconsidering the Object"
Fariello, Anna, "New Images, New Icons: Coast to Coast A Woman of color National Artists' Book Project," Ikon Magazine
Fariello, Anna, "Not Just a Pot: Guild Artists Craft a Way of Life," Mountain Express, July 2006
Fariello, Anna, "On Fire for Heritage," The Blacksmithing Nexus of WNC," Mountain Express, 2006
Fariello, Anna, "Personalizing the Political: the Davis Family Circle in Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery, " Monuments to the Lost Cause Women, Art, and the Landscapes of the Southern Memory,; University of Tennessee Press, 2003
Fariello, Anna, "Samuel Yellin and the Expression of Ruskin's Gothic," Style 1900
Fariello, Anna, "Samuel YellinMetalworkers: A Continuing Legacy," Nineteenth Century, Vol. 12, No. 2
"Fariello,. Anna, "Sandra Blain: Markings & the Urge to Record, Ceramics Art and Perception, No. 42, 2000
Fariello, anna, "Spread the Word: Region Has Arts Offerings Galore," Roanoke Times, June 1997
Fariello, Anna, "To Thrive, the Region Must Forge its own Identity," Roanoke Times, September 15, 1995
Fariello, Anna, "Validation and the Art Establishment," State of the Craft II, August 1989
Fariello, Anna, "What's the "State of the Arts" in our State? " Roanoke times, March 10, 1999
Cherokee Language
Craft Revival
Miscellaneous Exhibits and Markers
From the Hands of our Elders
Fulbright - Panama
Handmade Expo 2010
"Picturing Appalachia"
Pottery Traditions
Smithsonian Folklife Festival
MA Thesis -The Sacred and the Mundane, 1993
Ulman Exhibit
"Woman to Woman"
WCU Faculty Scholarship

2. Craft Revival

Artist Lists
Shaping WNC Past & Present Project Overview
About the Project
The Crafts
The Collection
The Story
The People
Southern Highland Craft Guild
Support Letters

3. Craft Files

Architecture, General
Textiles - Patterns

4. Ephemera

Arts Council - Studio Tours






5. Subject Files

African American Art
Arrowmont School
Appalachia, General
Appalachia, Economy
Appalachia in Popular Culture
Arts and Crafts Movement
Blue Ridge Music and Craft Trails
Cherokee Exhibits and Meetings
Friends of Mountain History
Grove Park Inn
Hambidge Center
Handmade in America
Hindman Settlement School
Museum Studies
Pine Mountain Settlement School
Seagrove Pottery
Tallulah Falls School
Tourism, General

6. Articles

Artsandcraft.org, The Arts & Crafts Movement in Great Britain, 1850-1915
Auston, Peter, "The Ironwork of Tony Lord." In Robert S. Brunk, ed. May We all Remember Well, Vol. II, Asheville: Robert S. Brunk Auction Services, 2001 35-37 , 2001
Blethen, Tyler, ed. "Irons in the Fires." Cullowhee, NC: Mountain Heritage Cetner Western Carolina University, 1992, 1992
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Morris, Brian D. Thesis, "Art Education and the Economy: A Collaborative Partnership."
Crutchfield, James A.A "Primer of Handicrafts of the Southern Appalachians"
Odd and Assorted Craft Articles
Craftsmen, General

7. Artist Files

Allanstand Cottage Industries

Ames, Kenneth

Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. (Rugs)

Angel, Sqiuire Wesley and Family Hooked Rugs and Weaving

Arrow Craft Shop


Arrowood. Pansy Edwards

Arthur, Edith

Arthur, George G.

Asheville Normal School

Asheville Home School

Bachelder, Oscar Louis

Baer, William

Bailey, Jakie Robinson

Ball, Ed

Ballard, Viola T.

Banner, Leoop "Bud"

Barnes, Estrella


Beaver, Nolan (Brasstown Carvers)

Benfield, Zada

Benton, Joy Kine

Berea College

Berlinson, Franky

Biddle, Edna

Big Meat, Charlotte

Biltmore Industries

Bingham, Dean Brown

Blankenship, Arizona

Blauvett, Mrs. W.H.

Blue Ridge Weaver

Boone, Daniel, VI

Boone, Kelse

Boone, Wade

Brackens, Nobie Ammons

Bradley, James

Bradley, Nancy

Bradley, Rowena

Bradley, Seaborn

Brasstown Carvers

Brown, Elmo

Brown, Hope and Glen

Brown, Maria

Brown Pottery

Bryan, Nina

Bryson, Annie Lee

Buchanan, Roby

Buckner Family

Buff, Aaron

Bulgin, George

Bulgin, John

Burkett, Joe

Burt, Amy

Butler, Marguerite

Campbell, John C.

Campbell, Olive

Cannon, Lula

Cantrell, Oscar

Carpenter, Jacob

Carter, Louie E.

Casey, Clifford

Cathey, Mr. and Mrs. George T.

Chalmers, Martha

Chatem, Peg

Cherokee Indian School

Cherokee Potters Guild

Chitoskey, Goingback

Chiltoskie, Wattiy

Christ School

Clement, Nancy Rebecca

Cody, May Pearl

Coffey, Martha

Conley, Emma

Conseen, Nancy

Conway, Bob

Cooke, Doke

Cowan, Joseph Warrenton

Cowan, Lawrence

Creaseman, Mark

Creaseman, Wayne

Creech, Aunt Sal

Crossnore School, Inc.

Crowe, Amanda

Crowe, Birdie and Richard

Crowe, Gilbert

Crowe, Virgil

Crump, W.R.

Curtis, Mindy

Davidson, Hardy

Davidson, Mary Frances

Davis, Ben

Decker, Margaret

Deschamps, Mary Richie and Leon

Dingman, Helen

Dobbins, Charles

Dodge, William Waldo, Jr.

Donaldson, Clarence

Donaldson, Granny

Dorland Bell School

Dougherty, Sarah

Douglas, Clementine

Dow, Arthur W.

Dupree, Betty

Eaton, Allen

Estes, Herman and Mabel

Fishback, Ellen

Fishback, John

Fisher, Park

Fleming, Carmen

Fletcher, M.J.

Ford, Bonnie Willis

Ford, Howard C.

Frances, Anna and Thayer

Franklin, Uncle Will

Garnett, Ethel

Gatlin, Joe

Gault, Lynn

George, Lucy

George, Nice

Gilliland, B.S.

Glassie, Henry

Glenn, Bob

Glenn, Leonard

Godfrey, Joe and Pearl

Goodrich, Frances L.


Goodwin, John Owen

Graves, Nell Cole (Seagrove)

Green, Alice

Green, Arvel and Jane

Greenhaigh, Paul

Hagaman, Ina

Hall, Jack

Harmon, Iris

Hartley, Hal

Hatchett, Granny

Hawkins, Ruth

Hayes, Charles

Henderson, Frank

Henry, Bill

Hensley, Bea

Hensley, Bea (Photos)

Hensley, Haden

Hickman, Helen

Higgins, Clara

Hill, Boyd

Hill, Mrs. Mark

Hilton, Clara Maud & Ernest A.

Hodges, Mrs. C.G.

Holland, Sy

Hollingsworth, Gypsy

Howard, Virginia

Hoyle, Bascom

Inglis, Miney

Jane, Aunt

John C. Campbell Folk School

Johnson, Lillie (Aunt Newby)

Johnson, Lonnie

Johnson, Nell

Johnson, Tom

Jude, Granny

Kalonaheskie, Elizabeth

Kesler, Sally

Kitchen, Aunt Lou

LaFrance, Theresa

Laney, Floyd

Ledford, Monroe

Ledford, Virgil

Lees McRae Institute

Lewis, Meta

Lipe, Ethel

Lipe, Nellie

Liza, Aunt

Locust, Sally

Long, Allen

Long, Posey

Long, Will West

Lord, Anthony

Lossiah, Betty

Lossiah Family

Lossiah, Hayes

Lossiah, William

Lowe, Nova

Lowrance, Aggie

Lowrance, Clara

Mace Family

Maney, Betty

Maney, Louise Bigmeat

Maney, Marie

Mann, Ray

Mann, Tom

Martin, Edsel

Martin, Marcus

Martin, Murrial Galt

Martin, N.J.

Martin, Wade Hampton

Martin, W.J.

Mason, Otis

Mast, Josephine

Masters, Gus and Maggie

Meaders, Aries

McCarter, Mac

McClure, Sue

McKain, Alice

McNabb, Wilma

McRae, Hannah

Miller, Arch

Miller, Mrs. Leonard

Miller, Lucius

Moody, C.W.

Morgan, Georgie

Morgan, John

Morgan, Lucy Calista

Morris, J.A.

Murray, Esta Hyleman

Mountain Cabin Quilters

Murphy, Maggie

Nicholson, Frances Parker

Niles, Mr.

Nolan, Mrs.

Nye, Stewart

Owen, Ben

Owen, Melvin Lee

Owle, Dewey

Owle, Lloyd C.

Owle, Martha

Payne, Louise

Pelton, Herbert W.

Penland, J.O.

Penland School of Crafts

Penland Weavers and Potters

Perisho, Flossie Willis

Peters, Rupert

Pettit, Katherine

Phillips, Ossie

Phillips, Susan

Pitman, Louise

Presnell, Edd

Pressley, Willa Mae

Prown, Jules

Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual

Ramsey, Glen Arthur

Ray, Ollie Briggs

Reece, Doris "Momma Dot"

Reed, Jason

Redding, Winogene

Rich, Amber Jeane Hamlin

Rigsby, Mary Emma Shelton

Ritchie, Aunt Cord

Robbins, Edgar and Lloyd Spencer

Rogers, Mollie

Rogers, William

Roland, Marie

Ropetwister, Annie

Ross, Martha


Sallie, Aunt

Saylor, Gertrude

Shell, Mary

Shelton, Ann

Shelton, Betty Ammons

Sheppard, James E.

Shook, Molly

Shook, Ray

Sloope, Dr. Mary T. Martin

Smith, Fred G.

Smith, Gertrude

Smith, Helen

Smith, Wally

Smoker, Amanda

Sneed, Pocahontas (Pokie)

Southern Highland Handicraft Guild

Sparks, Sadie

Sparks, Sally

Spinning Wheel

Stalcup, Jesse Bryson

Stamper, Lottie

Stephens, Robert

Stephens, Walter B.

Stewart, Alex

Stines, Gertie Edwards

Strother, Virginia Dare

Swimmer, Amanda

Swimmer, Dorothy

Taylor Family

Taylor, Julia

Thompson, Mrs. W.B.

Three Mountaineers

Tallulah Falls Industry School

Trivette, Elsey

Tryon Toy-makers and Wood-carvers

Ullman, Doris

Vance, Eleanor

Viner, Wilma Stone

Wachacha, Martha

Wade, Sally Ann

Wanetah, Cora

Wanetah, John

Walker, Elmeda

Walker Sisters

Walkingstick, Alice

Watson, Albert

Watson, Annie

Watson, Ora

Watson, Willard

Watty, Elsie

Welch, Adam

Welch, Agnes, 1925

Welch, Carol

Welch, Judith

Welch, Lula Nicey

Welch, Maude

Weave Shop

White, Joe

White, Odd S.

Wilder, Mrs. Jim

Willis, Birdie

Willis, Mrs. Henry

Willis, Joe

Wilson, Fanny

Wilson, Floyd

Wilson, Grandma

Wimpey, William Isaac

Winkler, Leander O.

Woody Brothers, (Arval, Frank, Paul, Walter)

Woody, Aunt Cumi

Woody, Leila

Wooten, Bayard

Wolfe, Eva, 1922

Wolfe, Minda

Wyatt, Rufus

Yale, Charlotte L.

Young, Gerald

Youngblood, Edmund

Youngbird, Lizzy (Nannie)

Youngbird, Rebecca

Subject Headings

  • Handicraft
  • Cherokee Indians--Arts
  • Cherokee Indians--Basketmaking
  • Cherokee Indians--Wood-carving
  • Arts--Economic aspects
  • Appalachian region