Pryor Emerson Humphrey Photograph Collection, PHC.180


Pryor Emerson Humphrey Photograph Collection, PHC.180

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Pryor Emerson Humphrey Photograph Collection
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Humphrey, Pryor Emerson
State Archives of North Carolina

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This collection contains 428 individual sleeves that contain 1-10 negatives. The negatives in this collection range in size from 35mm to large format 5"x7". The collection is a broad sampling of the work of Pryor Emerson Humphrey and some examples of John Hemmer's work. It should be noted that work attributed to John Hemmer could have been created by another photographer working for his studio. Given that Humphrey and Hemmer worked closely, it is safe to assume that some work after 1930 that is attributed to Hemmer could be the work of Humphrey.

Arrangement Note

This collection is arranged alphabetically by subject.


Pryor Emerson Humphrey (6 November 1906-30 July 1979) was an American professional photographer with a career spanning over 50 years. He was the husband of the former Margaret Frye of Pinehurst and father to James E. Humphrey and Carol Sue.

At the age of 15 Humphrey moved from Georgia to Fayetteville, North Carolina. In Fayetteville his photography interests budded while in high school and he began his career working at Wootten and Moulton studio at Fort Bragg. He later moved to Pinehurst in 1930 and was hired by the studio of John Hemmer, quickly becoming Hemmer's understudy. Humphrey continued to work alongside John Hemmer for many years and eventually became trusted to run the studio when Hemmer would take trips to New York City. In a March 2015 telephone interview with Humphrey's son, James, it was asked whether it was possible that some work attributed to John Hemmer was in fact photographed by Pryor Emerson Humphrey. James Humphrey responded, "without a doubt."
During the summer months of his employment with Hemmer, Humphrey would pack the necessary equipment and travel to White Sulfur Springs, WV and various resorts in western North Carolina, specifically Blowing Rock. He photographed horses and other events at Blowing Rock Stables, weddings and other various jobs in the towns and resorts.

After over a decade working with John Hemmer, Humphrey moved to Southern Pines, North Carolina in 1946, bought the studio of Ellsworth Eddy and opened the West Broad Street studio a year later. Shortly thereafter he became the official photographer of Southern Pines. He is known to have photographed many influential dignitaries including, Presidents Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford.
First a member, he eventually became the vice-president of the North Carolina Press Photographers Association and was public relations chairman for Carolinas Press Photographers Association. He continued to work out of his Southern Pines studio until his death in 1979.


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James E. Humphrey, Oral telephone interview, 12 March 2015, by Ian F.G. Dunn.

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Contents of the Collection

Collection Contents
Accident. Head on crash near Southern Pines, NC, 1960s
Aerial view of factory
Aerial view of the clubhouse at Pinehurst, NC, 1930s
Aerial view of Thistle Dhu mansion in Pinehurst, NC
Aerial views of construction of an airport runway near Pinehurst, NC
Aerials-Unknown location
African Americans. African American woman poses for a portrait, smiling., 1940s
Agriculture. Large truck is loaded with unknown crop
Agriculture. Peaches Peach orchard with truck full of peaches and another truck in field
Agriculture. Shows a jeep, other vehicles and men on foot; driving and riding following tractor
Airplanes and Parachutes. Three large planes are seen with parachute jumpers coming out of them. 13 Parachutes are seen deployed in sky., 1940s
Airplanes. St. Louis Robin I established world endurance record July 1929 using Gulfpride Oil, 1929
Airplanes. Six men in goggles and flight suits., 1920s
Airplanes. With four men, 1920s
Airplanes. A biplane is seen in the sky above a forest, 1920s
Airplanes. A camera crew is seen filming a plane taking off. Also seen are several group shots of men standing in front of a plane., 1950s
Airplanes. A man is seen sitting in the cockpit of a small plane and seen standing outside of it., 1940s
Airplanes. A man is seen standing next to a plane. His hand is on the propeller., 1930s
Airplanes. A Piedmont Airlines plane and a Pinehurst Hotel bus are seen at an airport as bas are unloaded from plane onto bus., 1950s
Airplanes. A small airplane is pictured. Badly deteriorated negative., 1940s
Airplanes. An Airplane is seen at Knollwood Airport in Pinehurst. The plane reads, "La Tourane Coffee." Two men pose next to plane with a box of coffee.
Airplanes. An airplane is seen taking off., 1930s
Airplanes. Countryside landscape with plane in sky against clouds. Plane barely visible.
Airplanes. Knollwood Airport, Pinehurst, NC. Chas. T. Neale's Polo Ponies and Pinehurst Airport."
Airplanes. Lloyd Yost, pilot and his plane. One shot of Yost and woman in flight suits. stylish.
Airplanes. NC13400. Original sleeve says 10508.
Airplanes. Pilot Lloyd O. Yost is seen posing for a picture next to his plane., 1930s
Airplanes. Possibly Lloyd Yost and unidentified female pilot.
Airplanes. Series of images depicting a crashed plane near Knollwood Airport in Southern Pines, NC., 1950s-1960s
Airplanes. Take-off or landing.
Airplanes. The Airplane of Lloyd O. Yost is pictured. He is sitting in the cockpit, looking into the camera., 1930s
Airplanes. The airplane of Peter Tufts is pictured. Two men are seen standing next to the plane., 1950s
Airplanes. The plane of Lloyd O. Yost is seen behind a 1920s convertible with two women and two children inside., 1930s
Airplanes. The silhouette of a small plane is seen., 1940s
Airplanes. Three people are seen at an airport. Planes in background., 1940s
Airplanes. Three planes are seen flying in formation., 1930s
Airplanes. Two men are seen posing in front of an airplane. An airplane is also seen taking off., 1950s-1960s
Airports. Knollwood Airport in Southern Pines is seen with possibly military planes. Large crowds gather for some type of display., 1940s
Airports. Knollwood Airport is seen from a distance., 1930-1940s
Airports. Unknown event is seen at a New York (?) airport. Various planes and airliners are seen. Flight attendants, passengers and pilots are seen at the terminal. Terminal is seen in background., 1940s
Airports. Various scenes at an unidentified airport. Various planes and airlines are seen., 1950s
Airship. US Navy blimp over a distinctive rooftop.
Amelia Earhart. Pictured is Earhart's Gyroplane or Autogyro. Seen at Pinehurst during her cross-country tour promoting Autogyros., 1931
Animals. A dog is seen running through a wooded area. Original Hemmer's Photo Shop sleeve is included. Photo probably by John Hemmer.
Animals. A woman (dog breeder) is seen with six puppies. The puppies are seen tethered to a log and being held by the woman. A boy is seen with adult dog.
Animals. An alligator is seen on the edge of a body of water.
Animals. Purebred Pekingese dog is shown posing for photos.
Animals. Six puppies are seen sitting on a wooden bench, eating out of the same bowl, and gathered together in a basket.
Animals. Two pictures of small dogs (one bulldog type breed, one unidentified) and one picture of a cat in a tree., 1940s
Animals. Various purebred dogs are seen posing for pictures.
Archery. A couple is seen practicing archery near Pinehurst clubhouse. A man and a woman are seen shooting arrows at target., 1940s
Automobiles. Body damage is pictured on one car and others are seen traveling and parked., 1933
Automobiles, Accidents. Two 1960s cars are seen after a head-on collision., 1960s
Automobiles, Buses. A man wearing a bus driver uniform is seen with his family in front of a large brick structure; Carolina Hotel bus in background., 1920s
Automobiles, Kiwanis Club. An Early automobile decorated with signs and slogans representing the Kiwanis club of Greensboro is seen in front of the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst. Three women are sitting in the car, looking into camera., 1920s
Automobiles, Kiwanis Club. Closer view of the vehicle. Three women are standing outside looking in at a man seated inside the vehicle., 1920s
Automobiles, Kiwanis Club. Group shot of formally dressed men and women belonging to the Kiwanis club. Two men hold up a Kiwanis Club banner next to the vehicle and a boy on a bicycle., 1920s
Automobiles. A 1920s car drives away dragging cans and strings. Just Married?, 1920s
Automobiles. A 1927-1928 Packard convertible is pictured. Behind it a wagon with a single cab pulled by a steer., 1927
Automobiles. A 1940s car is seen with a man standing next to it., 1940s
Automobiles. A 1950s Chevy Bel-Aire is seen from 4 angles after it crashed into a bush., 1950s
Automobiles. A 1960s Chevy Corvair Spyder is seen inside the Pinehurst Garage with parts of the transmission taken out because of a stripped gear., 1960s
Automobiles. A car (Packard) is seen with a man on a horse and another man standing outside of it., 1930s
Automobiles. A Car is pictured. It is heavily damaged in the front., 1930s
Automobiles. A car is seen approaching on a dirt road. Village Chapel in Pinehurst is seen in the background., 1930s
Automobiles. A car is seen on the side of the roadway. Car is wrecked and badly damaged. Road sign for US 311 is seen behind car., 1920s
Automobiles. A dummy (doll or mannequin) with a cigarette is seen inside a car., 1940s
Automobiles. A group of men are seen with their backs to the camera looking into an automobile., 1920s-1930s
Automobiles. A hearse is seen outside and through a doorway., 1960s
Automobiles. A line of 1920s cars are seen with people sitting on and around them., 1920s
Automobiles. A livestock truck is pictured with two animals in the back. Truck reads, "Pinehurst Farms, Purebred Ayrshires, Pinehurst, NC.", 1950s
Automobiles. A man and a woman pose next to a 1938 Buick Roadmaster while a photographer takes their picture. Small pond in foreground., 1940s
Automobiles. A man and two small children are seen by a Duesenberg Model J., 1930s
Automobiles. A man is seen holding two dogs by lead in front of a 1920s truck with a horse trailer attached. Horse is seen., 1920s
Automobiles. A man is seen in a 1920s truck, 1920s
Automobiles. A man is seen putting dogs in a crate on the back of a vehicle (Packard)., 1930s
Automobiles. A man is seen sitting in the driver's seat of a Packard with the door open, looking into camera., 1930s
Automobiles. A man is seen standing in the door of a Packard., 1930s
Automobiles. A man pushes a ferry off its dock with a pole. The rear of a car can be seen on the ferry. c.1927, 1927
Automobiles. A man stands by the door of a 1924 Packard Six Touring Sedan. c.1920s-30s, 1924-1930
Automobiles. A man stands next to a 1924 Packard Six touring Sedan. The drivers door is open. c.1920s-30s, 1920s-1930s
Automobiles. A small boy and a man are seen in and around a 1910s automobile. c.1920s-30s, 1920s-1930s
Automobiles. A woman wearing a hat, smiling and looking into camera is seen sitting inside a 1926 Amilcar CGS racecar. c.1926, 1926
Automobiles. An unidentified bus is seen in Pinehurst. c.1950s, 1950s
Automobiles. c.1920s with man posing on side, 1920s
Automobiles. c.1920s-1930s man in convertible fancy car with spoke wheels and rumble seat, 1920s-1930s
Automobiles. c.1929-1930 Packard 640 Custom 8 Convertible with man posing in drivers seat, 1929-1930
Automobiles. c.1930s with driver, 1930s
Automobiles. Car accident involving several vehicles at an intersection just outside Southern Pines c.1930s, 1930s
Automobiles. Car accident scene. Views of a car wreck scene on rural road. Several people are seen including children. Bystanders/participants. c.1950, 1950
Automobiles. Car on dirt road through a pine forest. c.1920s, 1920s
Automobiles. Copy negative featuring a photograph of Pinehurst Department Store with two trucks that read Pinehurst Dept. Store. c.1950s, 1950s
Automobiles. Dummy (mannequin) inside a car in front of a distinctive stone building c.1940s, 1940s
Automobiles. Front left three-quarter view of a 1942 Cadillac convertible. Two negatives: one with driver, one without driver. c.1940s, 1940s
Automobiles. Lloyd O. Yost is pictured in a 1930s car. Planes can be seen in the background. c.1930s, 1930s
Automobiles. Oxcart and car at gas station c.1940s
Automobiles. Pictured is a 1942 Chevrolet coupe with a man and a woman standing beside it. The man is wearing a military style hat. c.1940s
Automobiles. Series of 6 images depicting the scene of a two car accident on a wooded road. c.1940s
Automobiles. Series of images depicting a woman seated in a 1960s dump truck with a young man. Truck is seen dumping a load. c.1960s
Automobiles. Series of pictures depicting the Concours D Elegance car show at Pinehurst in ~1961. Cars from the 1910s. 20s are seen driving down the street and parked. Car makes include, Ford, Cadillac, Buick, Chalmers, and Maxwell. c.1960s
Automobiles. Some men with a car, c.1930s (half is poorly exposed)
Automobiles. Two trucks are seen as they unload large sacks into a barn. c. 1920s
Automobiles. Two women are seen inside a car as an older man stands in the passenger window, talking to passenger. c.1930s
Baseball. A little league team is pictured with their coach and another man. They players are all in uniform. c.1940s
Baseball. Adolescent boys are pictured posing in their baseball uniforms. Members from three teams, including Pinehurst, are pictured. c. 1940s
Baseball. Mens baseball team is pictured in uniform standing and sitting in formation. Uniforms read, Sandhill Farm Life c. 1940s
Baseball. Teen team. Franklinville Lions, Bank Of Coleridge; Combined group photo of members of both teams in uniform. Referee and adult man also appear
Baseball. Youth team, Group photo with two adult men, probably coaches, and a trophy
Basketball. A basketball game is played indoors. Players are seen on the court and cheerleaders are seen on sidelines.
Basketball. A mens basketball team is pictured sitting in formation with a small trophy. c.1940s
Basketball. A womens basketball team is seen playing on an indoor court. Women are seen attempting to score. c.1940s
Basketball. Eight women from a womens basketball team are pictured sitting in formation with a small trophy. c.1940s
Basketball. Male and female African. American basketball teams are pictured in group photos. They are holding basketballs with 1953 on them.
Basketball. The Pinehurst High School basketball team is pictured standing with their coach on the steps of a building. c.1940s
Billiards. Two men are seen playing pool while two others look on. c.1940s
Board Games. Three men are seen at a table. Two men play checkers while one watches. Original sleeve enclosed.
Boats and Ships. Ferry going Across a river, Car waiting on bank. 1920s
Boats and Ships. Ferry with children and a mule. 1900s. 1920s
Boats and Ships. Rope operated ferry at dock with children and a mule. 1900s. 1920s
Boats and Ships. Rope operated ferry over river
Boats and Ships. Steamboat Union; Oyster Bay Ferry Rye Beach; Long Island Sound, NY
Boy Scouts. A group picture of a boy scout troop indoors. c.1950s
Buggy. Pictured is a small horse. drawn buggy with large wooden spoke wheels.
Buildings. Entrance drive with large hotel or clubhouse visible in distance beyond an intersection in road.
Busses. Scholl age children are seen boarding a bus. Adults walk behind the children. c.1950s
Camel Cigarettes
Card Games. Pictured are winners of a Bridge tournament. They are posing with their trophies which include trays, plates, etc. January 8th. 9th, 1966
Carolina Hotel. Copies of drawings of floorplans for the Carolina Hotel. Close shot of ballroom area. c.1950s. 60s
Carolina Hotel. Interior shot of two Christmas trees at the Carolina Hotel. c.1950s
Carriages. A steer is seen pulling a wagon. cart with a cab on it. An African American man is seen driving. c.1920s
Cars. A horse drawn ice cream truck and a motorized ice cream truck are seen at one of the entrances at Pinehurst Clubhouse.
Cars. various views of car accidents. Cars are flipped; officials and media talk at scene of accidents.
Ceremonies. Series depicting a ceremony in a central area in Pinehurst, NC. People surround a flagpole at flag at half. mast. Men in uniform. c.1950s
Chicken Race. Women are seen on an open field engaged in a sport involving chickens attached to leashes. Group picture of the women is also incl. c.1930s
Child is seen sitting outdoors in a doorway with a cat in his arms. -John G. Hemmer.
Children. Playground in Pine Grove Children playing on various playground equipment in a pine forest.
Children. A small child is seen on the bank of a pond, feeding geese. c.1930s
Children. Children and a woman feeding swans by a lake or pond beside a car. c.1930s
Children. Children are seen playing on playground equipment in a wooded area. c.1930s
Children. Small boy sitting on a medium sized tricycle, posing for a portrait.
Children. Two women and a little boy walking through a pine forest. c.1940
Circus. performers, including woman with a snake, stand on a stage in distance in front of a large crowd. Large signs in background advertise performances.
Circus. Photos depicting a high. wire act. Performers are seen balancing and riding bicycles across wire.
Copy Negatives. Copies of two etchings by illustrator Hablot Knight Browne depicting the city of Eden, NC. c.1940s
Dance. A group of young people are seen in a gymnasium dancing. Some people sitting on the side of the room.
Deer. Deer Park. Children in deer park feeding deer through fence
Deer. Deer Park. Little boy and woman feed a deer with antlers through a fence
Documents. Copy negatives of various documents including marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. c.1940s
Dogs. A poodles is seen sitting on top of a horse drawn carriage. Large house in background. c.1940s
Egg Race. A line of men on horses are racing toward camera while holding eggs on spoons. 12 March 1930
Exterior shot of a small sign for Hemmers photo shop. By Hemmer c.1930s
Fencing. Three men are seen with fencing swords standing on guard. c.1940sv
Fire Truck. A Pinehurst fire truck is pictured with a child at the wheel. A man is sitting next to the child and a dog is seen on the back of the truck. c. 1920s
Fishing. A man is seen with a fly rod tying a fly on to his line. c.1940s
Fishing. Various scenes of men and women fishing on the banks of a pond. c.1940s
Flood Automobiles. Cars are seen traveling down a flooded roadway. c.1940s
Follies Berserk. Young performers on stage performing skits in outrageous costumes. Men are seen dressed as women. Men and women are seen singing.
Formally dressed man and woman stand outside turned away from camera. c.1930s. 40s
Fox Hunting. A line of men and women mounted on horses pose for a picture before going hunting. A dog can be seen as well.
Fox Hunting. Various scenes from a fox hunt. Men are seen on horses, dogs hunting.
Funeral. Pictured is the body of an unidentified African. American in a casket decorated with flowers.
Funeral. Clark funeral tent with flowers in a cemetery
Funeral. Picture is an open casket viewing of a Mr. Jackson. People are seen walking up to the casket. Close view of the body is seen. c.1950s
Furniture. Series of images depicting various pieces of furniture. Three sleeves.
Furniture. Wooden furniture is seen outdoors. c.1950s
Girl Scouts. A Girl Scout troop is seen watching a man carve an ice sculpture. c.1950s. 60s
Golf. A group of golfers is seen on a course as one hits a ball out of a sand trap. Spectators watch from benches. c.1940
Golf. George Voight accepts trophy for North. South Golf Championship. He is outside, surrounded by a crowd of spectators. c.1927 by Hemmer
Golf. George Voight is pictured hitting a golf ball. A large crowd stands behind him, watching. Original sleeve incl. c.1927 by Hemmer
Golf. Mrs. J.D. Chapman of Greenwich Connecticut is pictured putting a ball on a course.
Golf. Sleeve reads, Finalists in 4 Ball. Seniors Goldman and Person. Two male golfers putt on a golf course.
Golf. Three people are seen putting on a practice green at the back of a residence. c.1950s
Golf. Two men in golfing clothes are seen on a course, playing golf. c.1940s
Golf. A woman is seen hitting a golf ball, view over pond at golf course, group shot of four male golfers. c.1950s. 1960s
Golf. Amateur golfer George Voight is pictured in golfing attire, swinging a driver. c.1930s
Golf. c.1930s Group of men and women in car with name Balboa written on the running boards.
Golf. Eugene Homans is pictured on a golf course, swinging a driver. A crowd of spectators watches from behind. c.1930s
Grandfather Mountain. Series of 14 images depicting a familys visit to the mile high bridge at Grandfather mountain. c.1950s
Graves. Gravesite of David Wilmer Hensley. Buried in Southern Pines. 1883. 1930
Graves. Gravesite with large display of flowers.
Graves. Gravestone of Sarah Kennedy. 1880. 1929
Grist Mill with car and family c.1920s
Groups. Group photo of a gang of performers. They are standing together posing for a picture at Pinehurst. c.1930s. 40s
Gymkhana. A group of men in sporting outfits are engaged in a pig race.
Gymkhana. Men and women are seen participating in gymkhana games. Racing and jumping horses.
Gymkhana. Men and women seen on and around horses participating in gymkhana games. Pinehurst, NC
Gymkhana. Youths and adults seen participating in gymkhana games. Horses are seen jumping hurtles with riders. Pinehurst clubhouse in background.
Gymkhana. Youths and adults seen participating in gymkhana games. Horses are seen jumping hurtles with riders.
Harness Racing. A horse, driver and a man and woman are seen posing for a picture on a racetrack. c.1950s
Harness Racing. Lee Smith. A horse and harness racing driver are pictured on a track. Driver is identified as Lee Smith. c.1940s
Harness Racing. Miss Mary Grace Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Davis, drives Peter Astra. c.1940s
Harness Racing. One horse and harness driver are seen moving along track. Several men are seen watching on edge of track. c.1950s
Harness Racing. Series of pictures depicting trainers and drivers of a harness racing horse at a stable, then at the track. Driver is seen with horse. c.1940s
Harness Racing. Trotting. 3 horses of Dr. H.M. Parshall are pictured running at Pinehurst Harness Track with Dr. Parshall as driver of Calumet Epson. Horses are, from left to right, Calumet Epson, Bristle Hanover and Mussette. by Hemmer
Harness Racing. Trotting. 3 horses of Dr. H.M. Parshall are pictured running at Pinehurst Harness Track with Dr. Parshall as driver of Musette. Horses are, from left to right, Musette, Bristle Hanover and Calumet Epson. by Hemmer
Harness Racing. Various pictures of harness racing at Pinehurst Harness Track. Horse and rider are seen moving around track. Spectators are pictured. Horses are seen walking, running trotting. Nine sleeves of 4x5 negatives, c.1950s. 1960s
Harness Racing. Various pictures of harness racing at Pinehurst Harness Track. Horse and rider are seen moving around track. Close and distance shots of horse and rider are seen. Horses are seen walking, running and trotting. 26 sleeves of 5x7 negatives. c.1930s. 1950s
Helicopters. A military helicopter is seen from many angles. c. 1950s
Herbert C. Bonner Bridge. Two pictures of the Bonner bridge taken shortly after completion. c.1960s
Highway Scene. c.1920s Highway with advertisement sign for BBQ and ladies restroom
Highway Scene. Highway through pine forest, car on road c.1920s
Horse and Buggy. driven by a woman with small girl as passenger c.1920s
Horse and Buggy. man and woman in buggy c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. Chas T. Neales polo ponies and Pinehurst airport
Horse and Carriage. Carriage with fringed canopy; open carriage wagon. People riding in carriages
Horse and Carriage. Horse and carriage with female rider. Southern Pines, Pinehurst area. some military men in some of the carriages.
Horse and Carriage. Horse drawn carriage or buggy is pictured parked without horse.
Horse and Carriage. Perhaps resort community in Sandhills. Man and woman in carriage.
Horse and Carriage. A carriage is seen without driver or horse. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. A driver and 4 passengers are seen in a horse drawn carriage. c. 1930s. 40s
Horse and Carriage. A driver and formally dressed men are seen in a carriage. Carolina Hotel is in background.
Horse and Carriage. A driver and four women are seen in a carriage in front of the Carolina Hotel. c.1930s
Horse and Carriage. A horse and carriage with one man and one woman riding. Man looks to be military; woman is holding whip or switch. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. A large carriage is seen being pulled by two horses in front of the Carolina Hotel. Carriage has approx. 12 people riding. c.1950s
Horse and Carriage. A large carriage with a roof is seen with 7 older women and a driver. horse is not seen. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. A man and a woman are seen in a carriage pulled by one horse. Automobiles can be seen in background. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. A man and a woman are seen in a small carriage pulled by one horse. one 1930s. 1940s car is seen in background. c.1930s. 1940s
Horse and Carriage. A man and a woman are seen sitting in a small carriage with a younger woman standing next to the carriage. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. A man and two small children are seen in a small buggy pulled by a horse. People watch in background.
Horse and Carriage. A man is seen sitting on a one man carriage. Horse is not attached. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. A man sits atop an ornate carriage pulled by two horses. Sleeve says, Governor driving carriage in Linville. c.1940s
Horse and Carriage. Approx. eight people are seen in a carriage pulled by two horses. c.1920s. 30s
Horse and Carriage. Approx. ten men are seen in a large carriage. The men are posing with hunting dogs. Possibly a group of hunters. c.1920s. 1930s
Horse and Carriage. Four horses are seen pulling a large carriage with several people on board. c.1930s. 40s
Horse and Carriage. Golfers are seen getting of a carriage pulled by two horses. c. 1930s. 40s
Horse and Carriage. Horse and carriage carrying 8 people and one infant. All looking into camera. Horse is barely in frame. c.1930s
Horse and Carriage. Large carriage with roof is pictured. Approx. 7 men onboard pulled by two horses. c.1930s. 40s
Horse and Carriage. Large coach with two horses is seen in front of a decorating store in Pinehurst. A boy can be seen pointing at camera. c. 1920s
Horse and Carriage. Men and women are seen in carriage in front of the Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst. Carriage is pulled by two horses. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. One person carriage is seen with driver and a horse. Carolina Hotel is visible in background. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. People are seen sitting in a small carriage pulled by one horse. Two men and a couple are seen. c.1940s. 50s
Horse and Carriage. Seen overlooking a golf course. Clubhouse? on right. c. 1930s
Horse and Carriage. Series of images depicting horse and carriage rides at Pinehurst. Hotel Carolina is seen in the background. c.1950s
Horse and Carriage. Several shots of a man helping a woman from a carriage as the driver looks on. Village Chapel is seen in background. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. Ten men can be seen on a carriage pulled by two horses. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. Three men and one woman are seen in a carriage pulled by a horse. Horse is out of frame. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. Three older couples are seen in a large carriage with a roof. Horse is out of sight. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. Three women and a driver are seen in an 8 passenger carriage pulled by two horses. c.1920s
Horse and Carriage. Two horses pull a large carriage with approx. 7 people riding. Carolina Hotel can be seen in background. c.1930s. 1940s
Horse and Carriage. Two men on a tractor in front of a horse and large covered carriage or wagon.
Horse and Carriage. Various pictures of people riding in horse drawn carriages. c.1950s. 60s
Horses. A group of horses with riders approach (running) down a dirt trail (race track?) railing is seen on right. c.1930s
Horses. A man is seen inside and outside a stable repairing a horses hoof and shoe. The horse is also seen running on a track. c.1940s
Horseshoes. Two people are seen playing the game Horseshoes. One man is seen throwing a horseshoe. c.1920s. 1930s
Horses. Miss Carrie? Page is seen jumping Bird at the Pinehurst Horse Show.
Horses. Pictured is Beverly Walters of Chevy Chase, Md., jumping a horse (Darry Moore) at the Pinehurst Horse Show. c.1930s
Horses. Three girls are seen in several shots of a horseback ride through wooded trails. c.1950s
Houses. Household interior window, looking out. Copy negative of print.
Humphreys Photo Studio. Series depicting the interior working spaces of the studio. Darkroom, office, etc. One Exterior picture is included. c.1950s
Interior. Series of images depicting a 1960s residential interior. Dining room, living room, bedroom and staircase and pictured. c.1960s
Interiors. Interior and exterior shots of a residential house. Also seen is a picture of a gravesite under a funeral tent decorated with flowers. c.1950s
Interiors. Several misc. interiors are seen. One residential and one office. c.1950s
James Montgomery Flagg. He is seen in front of the Carolina Hotel seated in the drivers seat of a Kissel Model 75. c.1930s
James Montgomery Flagg. He is seen sitting in the drivers seat of a Kissel Model 75. Another man can be seen in the passenger seat. c.1930s
Jousting. A horse and male rider are seen on a race track. The rider is aiming a sword at a hanging metal ring. c.1930s
Kitchen. An industrial kitchen is pictured. A large bank of stoves is seen. c.1940s
Kiwanis. Groups from Greensboro and Pinehurst are seen posing for a picture in front of the Pinehurst Clubhouse. One group is also seen marching on road.
Lakes. A small lake or pond is seen. People are gathered at shoreline, sitting in chairs under umbrellas as others are seen canoeing in water. c.1940s
Large piles of scrap metal are seen in the grass in front of what may be a school building. A collection of group pictures is also seen displayed inside. c.1920s
Lawn Bowling. A game of bowls is seen being played on a large open field with houses in background. c.1930s
Lawn Bowling. A Game of bowls is seen being played. Players are casually dressed, throwing the ball and engaged in general gameplay. c.1950s
Lawn Bowling. A group of people are seen in a game of bowls. Tall fence in near background. c.1950s
Lawn Bowling. A large area for lawn bowling is seen with people playing the game. c.1950s
Lawn Bowling. Series of 10 frames depicting a game of bowls. c.1966
Lawn Bowling. Series of 18 frames depicting the awards ceremony for a lawn bowling tournament. c.1966
Lawn Bowling. Treble winners. Older men and women are seen holding trophies, posing for the camera. 29 April 1959
Lawn Bowling. Two men and two women are presented with lawn bowling trophies. c.1950s
Letters. Pictured is a letter from Eugene Harris to Emerson Humphrey requesting that he send images to the Warner Bros Studio. c.1940s
Liberty Bell Replica. Men and women pose for group shots in front of a replica of the Liberty Bell. It is seen mounted on the back of a truck. c.1940s
Lost Colony. Scenes from a play at Lost Colony Theatre. Performers are seen on an outdoor stage, posing for pictures. c.1940s. 1950s.
Marshall Park Monument. Series of 51 images depicting the Marshall Park monument in Pinehurst, NC. Its dedication ceremony is seen along (c.1959) with scenic pictures of the monument in various times of year. c.1950s. 60s
Medical. Diseased patients. Small pox victim and a man with goiter.
Metrotone News. Several men and a woman outdoors shooting motion picture film in a wooded area with news truck that reads Metrotone News.
Mid Pines Golf Course. Series of images depicting the Mid Pines Golf Course. Greens, buildings, and various group shots are seen. c.1950s
Military. a line of horses in front of a car and heavy artillery.
Military. Artillery Class, Pinehurst horse show. 75mm Gun Team of Fort Bragg wins events
Military. US Air Force plane with three soldiers posed in front. c.1947
Military. Scrap Award Group of men pose in front of US flag and poser re. 95 tons of scrap. WWII era
Military. A large convoy of men and horses carrying cannons is seen marching down a wooded trail. The men are also seen firing cannons. c.1920s
Military. Cavalry parade? Men in military uniforms on horseback single file riding down a rural road.
Military. Community church Christmas cheer relief station. Sandhill Brotherhood and Ladies Class. Two women, three men and a young boy pose. WWII era
Military. Convoy of trucks and wagons pulled by mule teams going up a poorly paved rural road. Telephone poles along road. WWII era
Misc.. Miscellaneous negatives depicting a Halloween event inside a school gymnasium, an oil burner and a scenic roadway.
Misc.. Miscellaneous negatives depicting copies of official documents, medical pictures, orchids, construction and Christmas scenes. c.1940s
Misc.. Miscellaneous negatives depicting wooded landscapes, a gravesite covered with flower, a patio table with umbrella and copy negatives. c.1940s
Misc.. Miscellaneous negatives depicting wooded landscapes, a red cross fundraiser sign and a scrap metal pile. c.1940s. 50s
Misc.. Two miscellaneous negatives. The rear of a 1940s car is seen with people standing nearby and a large crowd around a steam shovel. c.1940s
Music. A formally dressed man and woman are seen with a microphone, standing in front of a band on a stage. c.1940s
Musical Stalls. Men and women are seen on horses, engaged in a game of musical stalls. 12 March 1930
Music. Five men and one woman play bluegrass music in a school classroom. c.1940s
New York Harbor City Harbor Sea Lanes c.1932.
Operating Room. An operating room is seen in a hospital. c.1950s
Outdoor Art Exhibit. 3. 4 dozen Paintings are seen displayed outside in a wooded garden area. c.1940s
Outdoor Scenes. Various outdoor scenes are pictured. Trails and wooded landscapes. c.1930s
Outer Banks. Hatteras Ferry. An Elizabeth City boat or ferry. Views of gulls flying over water. View from sea of Hatteras Ferry landing.
Painting. An artist stands outside near a racetrack and paints a picture of a harness racing horse and rider. c.1940s
Parachute Jumpers. four planes are seen with men jumping out, parachuting to the ground. c. 1950s
People, Airplanes. A large group of men pose for a picture in front of a Piedmont Airlines plane. c.1950s
People. A cook is seen behind a formal buffet table. c.1950s
People. A large group of men pose by a large tour bus. The bus reads, Pinehurst Hotels.
People. A toddler is seen by an outdoor table with a cake with one candle. c.1940s. 50s
People. An elderly woman, Mrs. Way, is seen tending to orchids in a greenhouse. c.1950s. 60s
People. an older woman feeds a deer through a fence. c.1940s
People. Major and Mrs. Augustin S. Hart, Jr. are pictured. They are standing outdoors in front of a horse drawn carriage. Maj. Hart is seen in his military uniform (82nd Airborne). African American driver can be seen in the background. c. 1940s
People. Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Higgins of Brooklyn, NY are pictured walking near Pinehurst club house and pose for a portrait outdoors.
People. Mrs. Gunn and daughter are pictured posing for formal studio portraits.
People. Pictured are Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Dillon of East Orange, NJ. They are seen sitting in a horse drawn carriage. c.1940s
Pharmaceutical Displays. Drug Specialties, Inc. Booth with man posing beside display. Two separate booths at a convention or fair.
Photography. 15 photographers pose in a line with their cameras. Some are kneeling, others are standing.
Piano Recital. A piano recital is seen. Two young men are seen on stage playing pianos. c.1950s
Pig Racing. Women are seen racing pigs in an open field at Pinehurst. c.1930s
Pig Racing. Women are seen sitting on crates, preparing to race their pigs. The pigs can be seen inside and outside the crates. c.1930s
Pinehurst Aerials. Aerial views of the Pinehurst and Southern Pines area. Blue Pond and Pinehurst Golf Course can be seen. c.1960s
Pinehurst Golf Course. Series of aerial shots of the Pinehurst golf course in Pinehurst, NC. c.1960s
Pinehurst. Pictured is the Spider and Fly Inn, a concession stand located on the golf course at Pinehurst. A golfer and two men are seen. c.1940s
Pinehurst. A garage is shown with three trucks parked just outside of open garage bays.
Pinehurst. A Shamrock Farms truck is seen loaded with boxes in front of a loading dock. c.1940s
Pinehurst. Cannon Park swimming pool. Children swimming, jumping into pool. A young girls swim team & an older girls swim team are pictured.
Pinehurst. Exterior shot of the front entryway of the Bank of Pinehurst with cars parked in front. c.1920s
Pinehurst. Large, packaged pallets of what appear to be reams of paper. c.1950s
Pinehurst. Mrs. John K Weeks of New York and Dunbar Bostwick are seen watching the trotters and pacers working out at the Pinehurst track. c.1940s
Pinehurst. Pinehurst Country Club clubhouse with a horse and carriage, a bus, and several people.
Pinehurst. Pinehurst Dairy. Truck with sign carrying two bulls, one man is driving and another man is riding in back with bulls.
Pinehurst. Pinehurst fire chief is seen in uniform, holding a broken object with a bundle of wires in his hands.
Pinehurst. Pinehurst fire department fire engine with firefighter in uniform. c.1920s
Pinehurst. Possibly Southern Pines. A peddler is seen on a main street with his horse drawn wagon. A dog stands on top of the horse.
Pinehurst. Roadside scenes in a wooded area. c.1940s Pinehurst, NC.
Pinehurst. Several pictures of a Village of Pinehurst sign are seen in the snow. c.1940s
Pinehurst. The storefront of the Moore County ABC Store is pictured along with several other pictures of men standing outside, formally dressed.
Pinehurst. Three women are seen standing near a Pinehurst Hotel Bus. c.1950s
Pinehurst. Two groups of unidentified people pose for portraits at Pinehurst. One group is formally dressed; the other is wearing equestrian attire.
Pinewild. Aerial views of Pinewild Golf Course in Pinehurst, NC. c.1960s
Playground. A wide shot of a childrens playground. Children are seen playing. c.1960s
Polo. A group of nine polo players pose for a photograph. A boy holding the lead to a horse can be seen in the background. c.1930s
Polo. A polo horse and rider (identified as Mr. Farrell) are seen. c.1930s
Polo. A polo match is seen on a large open field. Also included are photos of an awards ceremony. Formally dressed men are seen holding trophies. c.1930s
Polo. Champion polo pony Nancy Pansy, owned by Henry C. Keiser, is seen at the Pinehurst Horse Show.
Polo. Four polo players pose with their trophies. c.1930s
Polo. Four polo players sitting on their horses. Left to Right, A.C. Schwartz, Earl Hopping Sr., Earl W. Hopping Jr., J.C. Cooley. by Hemmer
Polo. Group of men is seen playing polo with brooms. They are also seen posing with brooms in the snow and on their horses. c.1930s
Polo. Group shots of polo players. They are sitting on their horses, posing for the camera. c.1930s
Polo. Men are seen on horses in an open field, playing polo. c.1930s. 1940s
Polo. One car rides up on another in a match of auto polo. The two cars are seen, tangled, while the men struggle to hit the ball. c.1920s
Polo. Spectators and players off the playing field are seen players pose for pictures in uniform and with horses. Spectators in formal dress. c.1930s. 1950s
Polo. Team is seen standing with their horses in memorial of officers killed in Manilla. c.1940s
Polo. Various action shots of polo matches spanning a number of years. Horses and riders are seen running through playing fields. c.1930s. 1950s 13 sleeves
Port. A port scene is depicted. Masts from a large number of boats can be seen in background as men and women are seen on dock in foreground. c1930s
Portraits. Series of unidentified portraits. Sleeve says, Vass negatives 1946. c.1946
Potato Race. A man and a woman are seen on horses facing each other with spears. Original sleeve labeled Potato Race. 12 March 1930
Pottery. c.1930s View of Foxs Pottery Store and Simmons Pottery in a row along with an Esso station. Cars are lined up, two men stand in road.
Quilt. The front of and back of a large quilt I seen. c.1940s
Red Cross. Benefit picnic
Red Cross. Red Cross nurse walks toward camera in front of a line of cars at a horse track. c.1930s
Red Cross. Members of the Red Cross and men in suits are seen standing on either side of a sign that reads Red Cross steeplechase 1945.
Reservoir. Series of images possibly depicting the construction of reservoir park in Pinehurst, NC. c.1950s
Roads in Pinehurst. One view of a road with a sign for Pinehurst and one close shot of a sign listing various Pinehurst hotels. c.1950s
Roads. A rural, paved road is pictured.
Roads. Pictured are skid marks on a road from the Martin Bay accident. Sign for Pinehurst School Gymnasium is seen in background. 19 January 1960
Roads. Two men are seen standing on a roadway approx. 20ft apart. Another man standing next to a car is seen on the right side of the road. c. 1930s
Roads. Two views of an intersection are seen. Sleeve says, Highway Intersection for Chief Shepherd, January 21, (19)60. c.1960s
Rural Scenes. Pine forests. Undated views of pines and pine forests, some snow.
Rural Scenes. Close up view of a culvert under a road in the woods.
Rural Scenes. Forest stream, waterfall. Some construction debris visible in water and on rocks
Rural Scenes. Marshall Park, photo of stone marker for Marshall Park named for George Catlett Marshall, WWII Army general. c.1950s
Rural Scenes. Paved road through a wooded area, two lane road. 1950s car visible in background.
Rural Scenes. Pine Forest in Sandhills, some in snow.
Rural Scenes. Scrubby trees, flat uninhabited landscape.
Rural Scenes. Tree.
Rural Scenes. Two lane road with c.1920s car on side of road and two men standing in the road.
Rural Scenes. view of field with electrical poles.
Rythminhim. A race horse is seen being ridden by a man and a woman.
Safes. A large safe is seen broken into with its contents spilling out onto the floor. c.1950s
Sailing and Sailboats. Series of images depicting small and large sailboats and the boats operators and passengers on a lake or sound. c.1930s. 40s
Sailors. Three young men are seen on the deck of a large boat. They are facing each other, talking. c. 1930s
Sam Lacks. Carolina Hotel doorman is seen at the front entrance to the hotel. He is holding bags at the door and standing in front of the hotel bus. c. 1920s
Santa Claus. A large group of children are seen in a horse drawn wagon. Santa is waving. c. 1940s. 50s
Scenic. Scenic pictures of a wooded area with Spanish moss hanging from trees. House in background. c. 1930s. 40s
Service Stations in Vass. Two service stations are pictured. McGills Esso and a Gulf station. Both located in Vass, NC. c.1940s
Ships. Large ships are seen in the distance from another boat on the ocean. c.1950s
Shriners. Shriners convention is seen. Large crowds of Shriners, cars, and spectators are seen outside the clubhouse at Pinehurst. c.1920s
Shriners. The Shriners band is seen marching down a road directly away from Pinehurst clubhouse. Clubhouse is seen in background.
Shuffle Board. Children are seen playing shuffle board on a sidewalk outside. A car is visible. c.1940s
Signs. Two road signs for Sandhills
Silver Service
Sinclair Oil Company. Company employees are seen at a company gathering. c. 1950s
Skyline. View of NYC skyline across East River. Brooklyn bridge is seen.
Snapshots. Series of 6 snapshots depicting children playing as native Americans and pictures of dogs behind a fence. orig. Kodak sleeve included. c.1930s
Snow. a snowman is seen in a residential area with a golf club leaning up against it.
Southern Pines Newspaper. Printing press at Southern Pines newspaper is seen with a man operating. c.1940s
Southern Pines. US. 1 is picture in two directions. A sign for Hotel Norlina is seen. c.1940s
Southern Pines. Various Pictures of downtown Southern Pines. Railroad is seen with downtown shops and unidentified roads. c.1946
Southern Pines. Night Scenes of Downtown Southern Pines. Shops along Broad Street are seen with Christmas Lights. c.1940s
Southern Pines. Several men are seen on the back of a truck with a garbage can. A child is seen with the can. Original sleeve says, Drawing for car. c.1940s
Specimens. Series of unidentified specimens. Biological in nature. c.1940s
Sports. Men are seen playing an unknown sport in a grassy area.
Squirrel. Mr. Strout. Squirrel is seen eating out of a feeder in a tree.
Steeplechase. Various pictures of steeplechase races, the horses, riders and events surrounding the races. Horses are seen jumping fences, running, and posing for photographs while crowds watch from bleachers or sidelines. c.1950s
Steeplechase. Crowds of spectators are seen sitting and standing on their cars along sidelines of racetrack as a group of horses race by. c.1930s
Steeplechase. Five men are seen racing horses as they jump a fence or hurtle. c.1930s
Swimming Pool. Pictured is an unidentified Swimming pool at a private residence. c.1940s
Swimming Pool. Various aerial views of the Pinehurst swimming pool and surrounding area. c.1950s
Tennis. A tennis game between Emmet Pare and Thomas Mangan is seen. A large group of spectators is seen. Many with striped umbrellas. 13 April 1927
Tennis. Emmet Pare is seen playing tennis on a court at Pinehurst. He is also seen posing for a picture on the court with his racquet. c.1920s. 1930s
Tennis. George Lott Jr. of Chicago is seen standing on a court, posing for a picture with a racquet in hand. c.1920s. 1930s
Tennis. Hugh Talmage Lefler is seen playing tennis in the North South Tennis Tournament at Pinehurst. c.1920s. 1930s
Tennis. Mrs. B. T. Briggs is seen playing tennis at Pinehurst in the North South Tennis Tournament. c.1920s. 1930s
Tennis. Mrs. Edward Raymond (left) and Mrs. Marion Zinderstein Jessup are pictured on a tennis court, holding racquets, posing for a picture. c.1930s
Tennis. Mrs. Joseph Pew of New York is seen playing tennis in North and South tennis tournament at Pinehurst. c.1920s. 1930s
Tennis. Mrs. Marion Zinderstien Jessup is seen playing tennis during finals of the North South Tournament. Referee stand is seen in foreground. c.1929
Tornado. A twister is seen touching down in near distance. Power lines are seen in a rural area. 17 November 1930 Original article is included. Hemmer
Train Derailment. Train cars are seen toppled over with contents strewn about around the scene. c.1920s. 1930s
Transportation. A 1960s Trailways bus is pictured. c.1960s
Transportation. A car is seen on a ferry and a wider shot of more cars on the ferry. c. 1950s
Transportation. A car is seen traveling down a rural dirt road flanked by pine trees. c.1920s
Transportation. A car is seen traveling down a rural dirt road in a forest while approaching a wooden bridge. c.1920s
Transportation. A wooded rural road is pictured with a car approaching. c. 1920s
Transportation. Two formally dressed men on scooters can be seen in a residential area. c.1940s
Trees. Appears to be Palmetto next to a fence
Trees. tree branch close. up
Trucks. A truck is shown from behind with men inside a booth for the NC Truck Driver Training School. c.1940s
USS North Carolina. Series of 23 images depicting the USS NC arriving at Wilmington and being maneuvered into her permanent berth. 2 October 1961
VFW Post in Southern Pines. Series of images depicting the events, gatherings, and presentations of the John Boyd Post 7318 in Southern Pines, NC. c.1950s
Village Chapel. The altar at the Village Chapel is Pinehurst is seen. c.1950s
Wedding. Group photo taken in a church from above. Bride and groom are seen along with other family members.
Weddings. Series of images depicting the Heeding. Ritter wedding held at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in December 1945.
Window Display. A display for dolls is seen in the window of Southern Pines Pharmacy in Southern Pines, NC. c.1940s
Women. Mrs. L. McKathern, four portrait style pictures of a woman in her late 20s. One close shot.

Subject Headings

  • Flagg, James Montgomery, 1877-1960
  • Humphrey, Pryor Emerson, 1906-1979
  • Yost, Lloyd O.
  • Earhart, Amelia, 1897-1937
  • Camel Cigarettes
  • Follies Berserk
  • Girl Scouts
  • Humphrey Photo Studio
  • Kiwanis Club
  • Lost Colony (Symphonic drama)
  • American Red Cross
  • Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America
  • Sinclair Oil Company
  • Piedmont Airlines
  • Knollwood Airport
  • Carolina Hotel
  • Village of Pinehurst Chapel
  • Duesenberg
  • Automobiles
  • Aviation
  • Airplanes
  • Airships
  • Animals
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boats and boating
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Children
  • Fox Hunting
  • Furniture
  • Golf
  • Gymkhana
  • Harness Racing
  • Helicopters
  • Highways
  • Horses
  • Horse sports
  • Jousting
  • Kitchens
  • Lawn Bowling
  • Recreation.
  • Liberty Bell
  • Polo
  • Pottery
  • Roads
  • Steeplechase
  • Sports
  • Tennis
  • Transportation
  • Weddings
  • Women
  • Pinehurst (N.C.)
  • Fort Bragg (N.C.)
  • Southern Pines (N.C.)
  • Grandfather Mountain (N.C.)
  • New York (N.Y.)
  • Greensboro (N.C.)
  • Sandhills
  • Grandfather Mountain (N.C.)
  • Herbert C. Bonner Bridge
  • Outer Banks (N.C.)
  • Pinehurst (N.C.)
  • Pinewild
  • Thistle Dhu Mansion
  • Letters
  • Acquisitions Information

    The Pryor Emerson Humphrey Photograph Collection was donated by the Carthage Branch of Moore county Public Library of the Sandhills Regional Library System on 12 October 2012 and was accessioned by the State Archives on 6 November 2012. The collection of mostly 5"x7" and 4"x6" large format negatives was originally contained in three medium sized boxes. A large portion of the negatives were loose and without any original identification, the remainder were housed in original sleeves bearing some notes and identifications.

    Processing Information

  • Processed by Ian F.G. Dunn. 2015.

    Encoded in EAD in AXAEM by Kim Andersen, October 2015.